I felt it

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Wed, May17, 2017 10:08pm America/Phoenix
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I felt it
[The camera opens up showing what appears to be the same graveyard that was featured in the previous camera view of Darkness. Rayne, still donning his hooded outfit, can be seen standing look at the ground as if entranced by something. He continues to kick the grass back and forth as the camera slowly approaches. He takes a deep breath of the air, his back turned from the camera].

Rayne: All this time, All this time I have waited for you to say something Darkness, to say anything...and you...you mock me?! You insolent fool! How dare you think that this would be okay! However, that is perfectly fine in my book. As you can see *points around* this is the exact same graveyard that you appeared in earlier today. While I have been taking my time, making sure that my message has been heard through the masses...you have been running around like a madman trying to make everyone think that you are something you are not. You are trying to make everyone believe that you are some dark, mythological god or something, none of which could be further from the truth. No...*laughs* No Darkness, all you are is a feeble, broken man who was born a generation earlier than the safe space this generation yearns for. You are the man on the corner, holding the sign not knowing what to believe in. You are the man that walked around in your school, in your life, dying your hair black and painting your nails because all of the "anarchist" did it. You were that guy, and finally, FINALLY! Someone is here to call you out.

[Rayne continues to take steps over the wet grass as it draws dew on his boots. He looks down as his feet drag and he continues speaking].

Rayne: You spoke of symbiate, and how that is how you became who you are. While I realize that you continue to try and paint your own fantasy land, your own magical place much like those before you in the likes of Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, and those other god awful posers that continue to fill the likes of your brain, I *begins slow clapping* applaud you for your use of your neighbor and local friendly Spiderman. I have to ask you...what are you? A superhero? Are you a man that shoots web? So far, the only two things I have seen you be good at is spewing bullsh*t, which seems to be a power of its own right. 

[He keeps walking as he stops at a gravesite. On the gravestone lists a worn out name and dates, but then under can barely be scribed "Died a soldier, a father, and a friend". Rayne leans into it and continues speaking].

Rayne: You see this Darkness?! This man stood for something. This man stood for his people, and did what he had to do in order to stand for what he believed in. This man im sure never took the time to conform to the standards of his people, never tried to hide behind those who were better than him, and never once im sure copied those before him to make himself something that he wasn't. You want to talk about pain?! You don't know pain Darkness. You want to talk power? You don't know power darkness. Unlike you, I didn't need cronies to do my work for me. I took the man that I took right to my face, told him how it was going to be, and ended it as it needed to be. I didn't need someone to do my handiwork for me and I refuse to be pained as such. Unlike the rest of these people, I came to your face Darkness. I CAME TO YOUR FACE AND TOLD YOU WHAT I WAS! I CAME TO YOUR FACE AND TOLD YOU WHAT I EXPECT! ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS DISREPSECT ME AND REHASH THE THINGS THAT I HAVE DONE! REDO THE EXACT SAME THINGS THAT I HAVE?! 

[Rayne stops speaking for a moment and catches his breath. Nothing but anger etches his face as he looks back into the camera].

Rayne: I could go on for quite some time about the pain that I am going to put you through, the anguish I am going to put you through. But unlike you, I am going to come right to your face every time. I am going to do the things that none of the others could do...I am going to beat the poser out of you. I am going to show you what real pain, physical and emotional, feels like. I am going to show you what its like to wake up the next morning unsure if your next meal is going to come through a tube or not. Talk all that you want darkness, but you will see. So bring your best. Claw me like wolverine, throw a shield at me like captain America, hell wait until my next promo AND COPY EVERYTHING THAT I DO, but at the end of the day Darkness...AT THE END OF THE DAY...you will join the rest that have fallen before you, and those that will continue as you lie in that ring...look up at the lights...and say..."Its the Rayne...and I felt it". 

[Rayne lets out a deep and dark laugh as he goes through the cemetery and fades into the darkness. The scene fades to black].

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