I live to over achieve

Roleplay Roleplay by DRAGONFLY
On Thu, May17, 2018 9:11am America/Phoenix
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I live to over achieve
[A video promo featuring Twist airs giving his explanation for his actions on Ravage, the television is clicked off through the remote after it concludes.]

((Cameras open inside of a brightly lit wrestling gym where DragonFly can be seen standing next to a wrestling ring with sweat dripping down his face and has a white towel around his shoulders. His neon yellow eyes glow through the demonic lucha mask..))

Ever since I arrived here , I have had men bigger and stronger than me talking about how they were going to cause me serious pain, some even promised to end my career. Not one of those men was able to follow through with their promise and each and every one of those men was defeated. I have been underestimated my entire life. Saying how I was too small and I wasnít strong enough. Telling me I could never compete in the WWX and look at me now.. I underestimate no man because I know how it feels to be underestimated.

I eat, sleep, and breathe wrestling, it runs through my veins. I train for it.I live it.
I live to over achieve. The same way as I will die. It is a motivation unlike anything else.

I know what Twist has to offer and I respect his skillful strengths but his one track mind? 
This tunnel vision? it will become a weakness to expose. An achilles heel,sliced open..
Then the fans will watch along with me as you bleed out like a stuck pig.

Iíve paid my dues in blood and sweat to get where I am today, I didnít get there by calling out the World Champion and hoping that somebody would notice. No, instead I did it the old fashioned way; I showed up each and every week, I kicked @ss and people noticed. Legends, newcomers and everyone in between, they were all fair game.

Twist, you will reap what you sow and the Ultimate Revenge will be defeating you,yet again.


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