I Need No Help

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Tue, Nov07, 2017 9:02pm America/Phoenix
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I Need No Help
The camera comes to life in a small town just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The sky is slightly cloudy as it looks like a storm is brewing in the distant. Darkness can be seen sitting on a pile of dirt.

"Buried alive... not the finest moment in my Hall of fame career." Darkness explains as he picks up some dirt in his hand. "I was on top of the WWX. I had done what most had failed to do and that is knock Syndicate off his perch. I myself did that. Now he may say I had help but Brytney was no more a factor in the match as the fans were."

Darkness lets the dirt sift through hos fingers.

"Syndicate, you are back on the top but how many people did it take to help you get there. Well lets count Syndicate. Tommy Lipton... one, Rex McAllister... two, Korath... three. It took three other people to help you get back the Undisputed championship. I will be at Ravage and come hell or high water there will be a rematch date set." exclaims Darkness.

As the sand finishes sifting through his fingers Darkness reaches down and grabs another handful.

"Now on to more pressing matters. Wreckage... Albany, Georgia. I have a match against the walking weather Rayne. It has come full circle Rayne. I started my climb to the top with you and now I shall start it again with you. The demon of the dark will rise once again Rayne you are the first to feel its wrath" proclaims Darkness.

"It was a few months ago I beat you to advance to the finals of the Crusade Cup, and where did that land me Rayne. It landed me at the top of the mountain as the Undisputed champion. I think the best bet for you Rayne is to stick to the tag division with Fill where you may have better success." 

Darkness dumps out what's left of the dirt in his hand. Darkness stands up and brushes his hands off. As Darkness turns to leave he sees a familiar face.

"You are a hard person to find."

"What are you doing here Brytney?" Darkness asks.

"I told the last time we talked that you needed me." Brytney reminds Darkness. 

"I do not need your help Brytney. Never have, never will." points out Darkness.

Brytney chuckles a little bit after that remark from Darkness.

"You don't need my help. I was there and you became the Undisputed champion. The moment I'm not there what happened? asks Brytney.

"Go to hell Brytney." yells Darkness as he begins to walk off.

Brytney responds as Darkness walks away from her.

"I'll tell you what happened." Brytney yells. "You lost the Undisputed championship and on top of that you got eliminated first. You need me whether you think you do or not."

The camera fades to black as Brytney throws up her arms as she slowly follows Darkness.

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