I shall overcome

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Wed, May31, 2017 9:55pm America/Phoenix
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I shall overcome
(Scene opens outside the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama. Camera cuts inside where WWX superstar, Willie Steen, is walking around admiring the different exhibits. He stops next to a wall displaying two different water fountains, one for whites and one for people of color. He looks down to read the inscription on the wall. After he's finished, he turns and walks down the hall.)

It's interesting really. I didn’t think I’d find anything worth my time in an inbred city like Birmingham. But alas, here it is. A hidden gem. A poignant reminder of this city’s rich history at the center of the civil rights movement. A time when people of color were discriminated against and held down at almost every turn. But through solidarity, willpower and determination, my people overcame.

(Steen stops next to an exhibit wall with a glass cabinet. Encased in the cabinet is letter from 1965 entitled, “Concerned White Citizens”.)

Fitting that Ravage would be here in Birmingham this week, as I, myself, have to overcome unjust circumstances. On my way to becoming Television Champion I was constantly passed over and made to jump through hoops in Jim Crow-like fashion. Then when I finally win the belt, I'm made to jump through even more hoops to keep it. Like this ridiculous, “Title’s on the Line, All Night” stipulation. This is an obvious ploy by the man, to take the belt from around my waist.

(Steen proceeds to another exhibit, showcasing a large black and white photograph of a group of people, marching in solidarity.)

But like my ancestors before me, I shall overcome. I will retain my title and continue to reign supreme as your champion and hero. That is a promise. 

(Steen turns back to the photo and begins to whistle to the tune of “We Shall Overcome”. Camera closes up on the photo. Scene fades to black)

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