I want....

On Fri, Dec29, 2017 8:59pm America/Phoenix
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I want....
West Virginia Mountaineer is sitting on a porch.  The scene appears in black and white.  He's not on a chair or a swing.  More of just sitting next to the house, smoking his vape.  He exhales. The porch appears a bit-- wet.

West Virginia Mountaineer:  I didn't realize the amount of stupid some people have.  Titus Tilon,  you took no chance at plenty of drink.  I guess you, um, didn't like the idea of the company you'd keep for that beverage consumption.  Well, you missed out on some great consuming. 

West Virginia Mountaineer inhales some vapor again, this time exhaling through his nose. 

West Virginia Mountaineer:  I suppose it shouldn't be a question of "where does such a one sided win leave the man from West Virginia?"  Well, it should, but at least, not one that is to be asked of a man like me.  See, I expected Titus to give me a better fight.  I expected him to have heard that I was some punk ass bully and show me around that ring.  YES!  I said it, baby. 

The man from 304 country stands up.  He clears his throat.  The camera pans out to show that the snow is melting from off the porch.  Since a small snowman appears to have been created for the porch and is half gone. 

West Virginia Mountaineer: Folks, if this is what this World Wrestling eXistence experience is all about and if the only reason for the champions here having what they have is because of people like Titus Tilon, well...this is going to be very quick.  West Virginia Mountaineer will be World Champion by January's end, baby! 

Mountaineer turns and kicks away the rest of ďFrosty.Ē  He chuckles. 

West Virginia Mountaineer:  Guess you can chalk up the death of one snowman to the Mountain State Madman, right?  SOMEBODY CALL A DOCTOR!  Frostyís gonna need one.  

Mountaineer steps off the porch.  He inhales some vapor.  

West Virginia Mountaineer:  But, what is a doctor that is so much more than professional?  I donít know....Jack the Ripper, maybe?  Dr. Death, thatís what you remind me of.  A freakiní story.  A waste of tall tale!  Maybe, you donít get this whole thing about hardcore and violence being a negative on people.  Perhaps you just like drinking pigs blood or eating cats eyes, because it makes for some nasty tales from the so called ďevil sideĒ of life.  Huh? 

Mountaineer shakes his head.  He coughs for a second, but then takes in some of his vape.

West Virginia Mountaineer:  Dr. Death?  

Mountaineer laughs again.

West Virginia Mountaineer:  Iíve written stories more scary than you, son.  Back when I was eight years old!  Yeah, and it was for some Halloween story contest in school.  First prize, but loads of trips to the psychologist.  Is that what you really are, Dr. Death: some wannabe psychologist, freak show?  Doubtful.  No, you?  Youíre another punk, making a name for themselves because youíve yet to face REAL competition.  Someone really interested in breaking your neck in a squared circle!  But, I mean, not enough to murder you in front of God and everybody, good Doctor.  But, West Virginia Mountaineer is gonna do just enough to you at Ravage, baby.  Put the hurt on you bad.  Then, after the match is over, Iíll be the new guru and man that will be puttiní a hurtiní to anyone in WWX that stands in my way.  Dr. Death, time to dance.  Letís Go! 


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