I Will Watch You Burn

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Sat, Aug05, 2017 12:21am America/Phoenix
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I Will Watch You Burn
[Tom Black is stood by a pile of logs, he is huffing and puffing at them. He is inside a tall building with rows of benches and an altar. There are flags of Polaris around the room.]

Tom Black: Polaris, this message is directly to you, nobody else, not Super Bacon, just you. What you did on Fury has angered me, it hasn't upset me because nothing upsets The Dark One. Anyway, Ali was plannin on dropping your sorry ass anyway. I never thought I'd say this, but I hate you with every living fibre in me. I've said its angered me because it has, and of everyone, you should know what I'm like when I'm angry.

[Tom looks around the building curiously.]

Tom Black: Oh yes! You must be wondering about what I'm doing in your parish! Nevermind that, I'll reveal that to you later. But what I want to talk to about now, is why I haven't really bothered with our tag team lately, why I haven't been active in the "community". It was because, ever since we beat Lipton and Glazebrook, I finished that part of the domination, that's done.Bit the way you left me like that, it was a big deal. If you think you're able to come back and we can be partners again, you're wrong. You've ruined you're opportunity, without me, you're nothing, you think you can walk off into the sunset with the world championship and be happy, you're wrong. Polaris, I'm afraid to say that you're no singles competitor.

[Tom turns to face the large pile of logs on the floor and pulls out a lighter and fire starting liquid.]

Tom Black: And right now, it's time to say good bye to who you are! Bye bye parish!

[Tom pours all of the fluid on the logs. He lights the lighter and lobs it into the fire. The pile of logs immediately goes up in flames. It is a huge fire and its speeding around the church, a few of the benches have started to light up in flames, Tom Black smiles at the fire and
watches the church go up in flames.]

Tom Black: Psris you really should of made your church out of something less flammable! Ha!

[He laughs mockingly and runs outside with the camera. The church is partially up in flames now. Tom Black turns to face the camera. He suddenly turns serious.]

Tom Black: Polaris, I challenge you to a singles match next week on Fury, be there...

[The scene fades to black as the curvy is engulfed in flames.]

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