I wrestled a cougar once...

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Sat, Nov11, 2017 8:49pm America/Phoenix
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I wrestled a cougar once...
A scenic mountain view lies ahead of Fozzy. About 5 miles ahead the landscape of the Rocky Mountains is beautiful serene and almost breathtaking. Winter has set in covering everything that was once lush in color with a blanket of white. Still for Fozzy Ozbourne these mountains are a little piece of tranquility for him. A place for him to clear his mind, the terrain alone was enough for him to get his daily cardio in. Fozzy takes it all in for a moment and continues on his journey each step in the snow crunches behind him. Nothing is heard but the howling BC winds and Fozzy's footsteps. The last 5 miles from Fozzy's acreage proved to be what he expected, TOUGH. As beautiful as everything is the landscape alone would make a weaker man crumble. For Fozzy this was just another walk in the park. He has everything he needs, a 50 pound backpack, winter gear including snowshoes and a loaded rifle. 

Fozzy has took this hike a million times before and it was just a few months ago while Fozzy was training for his return to the ring that he took this same hike and almost didn't make it back. It was summertime and Fozzy was walking along the trails as he is now minding his own business, taking in the scenery getting in some cardio. You ever get that feeling that something is following you? Well that's what Fozzy was feeling. Turns out his instinct was correct and a cougar was stalking him. It all came to a head when the cougar pounced and attacked Fozzy from the bushes, luckily the cougar didn't kill Fozzy instantly and Fozzy was able to fight back and kill the cougar with a deadly knife he had on him. Not without a fair amount of battle scars left by the cougar and a stern warning from conservation officers.

Fozzy has his wits about him as he continues up the trail, the destination is a small log cabin a few miles away at the base of a large mountain. Some time has passed now and Fozzy has been in the cold elements for about 7 hours. Probably another 2 or 3 hours to go to get to the cabin. The cabin was just something Fozzy found one day was he was exploring the wilderness probably some old relic that a hunter built for shelter but it worked and had a makeshift fireplace inside, everything you need to survive the elements. Fozzy trudges through the heavy snow each breathe exhaled, a frosty stream of steam. Icicles are forming on Fozzy's mustache and beard a clear sign he's been outside all day breathing hard working hard. Fozzy increases his pace looking towards the horizon, there is maybe a hour or so of daylight left. Winter solstice has kicked in making the days shorter and shorter. The last thing a person wants out here is to hike in the dark.

About a hour and a half passes by and off in the distance you can see the log cabin. Fozzy squints his eyes trying to focus, it looks like there is a faint glow coming from the window and smoke coming out of the chimney. Somebody must be inside. This was a first out of all of the times Fozzy has come to this cabin nobody has ever been there. Every time he goes there it looks like it hasn't been touched. Fozzy stops for a moment staring at the cabin. 

"Oh great I wonder who's in there? Nobody is ever here and there's no way I'm hiking back to the acreage in the dark. At least I'm armed if it's some psycho weirdo in there. I'll go check it out to see if it's safe"

He cautiously makes his way towards the cabin careful not to make too much noise the safety off on his rifle. Closer and closer he gets, trying to see if there is some kind of life from within the cabin. He approaches the window taking each step as quiet as possible. It's hard to see through the frosted window but from what Fozzy can see nobody is in there just a fire burning in the fireplace. Fozzy walks up to the door and knocks a couple times loudly, his rifle pointed down with his finger on the trigger he waits for some kind of response but nothing. He turns the door knob and opens the door quickly and peeks in, nothing. Nobody inside the cabin just a fire going in the fireplace. Fozzy makes his way inside and shuts the door behind him. He takes off his backpack and sets it down all the while taking a look around to see if anything is out of the ordinary. Everything seems to be exactly how he remembered it. Fozzy unzips his coat and sits down in a old wooden rocking chair putting his rifle beside him. He looks towards the door it doesn't have a lock on it. The all day hike through the snow has tired Fozzy, he picks up his rifle and sets it on his lap as he thinks to himself before he goes to sleep.

"That's strange, who started this fire? Now I have to try to sleep with a bad sense of paranoia that some a$$hole might try to kill me during the night. I have to make it back home by tomorrow night If I want to meet up with that camera crew."

Fozzy drifts away asleep with his hand still on his rifle, the fire in the background flickers. Through the night until the next morning nothing exciting happened nobody came back to the cabin and Fozzy awoke to a cold cabin. The crack of dawn breaking through the frosted window Fozzy had a quick bite to eat in the form of beef jerky and started to make his way back to his acreage but noticed a whole bunch of weird footprints around the cabin.

Later that night......

WWX cameras are set up inside Fozzy's house, they set up in his basement den filled with Fozzy's accomplishments. Many different titles are displayed in a glass case. Posters of Fozzy wrestling and playing guitar litter the walls, magazines Fozzy has been featured on also hung up on the wall. Merchandise past and present all around. Fozzy comes walking into the scene wearing a typically metal t-shirt and some ripped up jeans. The WWX Television Championship firmly around his waist.

FOZZY- Good evening I'm Fozzy Ozbourne. I'm about to tell you all how much you suck and how much better I' am than all of you. Now I'm known for running my mouth and going off on a rant which is exactly what I'm going to do now. As my star rises quickly here in WWX advancing in this tag team tournament and being your new Television Champion. I can't help but wonder when I'm going to get some competition. My opponent this week is Damian Price. A guy I really know nothing about. I mean I know what he's been saying pandering to the mindless masses on social media being the big shot he is. I couldn't care less about your past glory Price it means nothing to me. You're as good as your last match in my eyes and after making your return you finally got a win, good for you pal. I want you to feel real good about yourself coming in at Wreckage. While you think you're probably better than me I'll be in that ring with you doing what I do best and that's winning. At any and all costs anything you can do I can do better. Hell if I have to cut you I will. You? The King of Wrestling? HA! Last week I declared Wreckage MY SHOW! After I was interrupted by Beatrice I paid her ass back in full at Ravage and this week the juggernaut roll of success continues on right over you Damian. My first main event here in WWX but definitely not my first main event. I'm going to make a example out of you Damian, since you have all the accolades worthy of being called a WWX vet, a real main stay on this roster. I'm going to show this promotion how a free agent such as myself can come in and start a revolution. How a guy like me can pick off you WWX vets one by damn one and while your empire falls and I send you back to the pit of obscurity from which you came. You're not making a name off of me OH NO quite the contrary. I'm forcing you to put ME over cause my star shines brighter than yours. You are filler talent and I piss all over your history, The Insurgence, The Empire, it's all pointless. Hell if you want to have your little butt buddy Xavier out there to watch as I embarrass you, go ahead. I KNOW!! I SEE IT!! When I'm in the locker room I've got everyone's attention and I make people nervous and that includes Xavier Pendragon. Last week I beat his wife, this week I beat his boyfriend. The rise of The Trend Killer is already happening and just be thankful you Damian get to fall victim to it. I'm sure this battle of wits will continue on as I see you talk sh*t on social media, it's just words. You know just as well as I do that it only matters if you can back them up.

Fozzy looks behind him at the glass case filled with past championships from his 15 year career. He unclips the TV title from his waist and raises it up to the camera.

FOZZY- Everybody wants a piece of The Trend Killer. I'm the new kid on the block making waves in this company while you Damian are a never was. You can't quite reach the top of the mountain and facing the likes of me ain't helping that cause. I'm a real son of a bitch who doesn't enjoy losing so prepare for war. When the champ hits the building you will know Fozzy Ozbourne presents Wreckage..... YOUR WRECKAGE!!!!

Fozzy throws up the devil horns and walks away from the shot as the scene fades.


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