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On Thu, Jun14, 2018 6:20pm America/Phoenix
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*A burst of static fills the screen, eventually dissipating into a shot of a small, dark Los Angeles rooftop.  The camera sits on a tripod in the corner of the roof, which rises only slightly above the buildings surrounding it.  On the roof, nothing is present except a protrusion for the stairwell, a large HVAC unit...and the silhouette of a man facing out into the lights of the City of Angels with a baseball bat slung over his shoulder.  Once again, the setting of this scene appears in the lower-left corner of the screen.*

JUNE 14, 2018
01:15:06 AM

*The man shakes his head slightly before slowly turning around to face the camera.  By doing this, he reveals himself to be Syndicate, the disgraced former champion and the new "Lone Wanderer" of the WWX.  He is dressed in a black tank top, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers, and holds his infamous black baseball bat firmly in his right hand.  In the limited light that is available - the rooftop has no direct lighting present, and is only lit by the glow of the neighboring buildings - we can see that Syndicate's eyes are more bloodshot than usual, either due to a lack of sleep or a complete mental breakdown...or both.  Not only that, but Syndicate seems to be starting to eliminate his clean-shaven look of the past, as stubble is now plainly visible all over his chin and jawline.  Syndicate, with no hint of humor about him, scratches his chin with his left hand before speaking, his messy blonde hair once again covering a decent portion of his face.*

Syndicate: Once again...the pesky fly has chosen to spread its wings and take flight.  It seems that he hasn't quite learned his lesson from the last time I spoke about him.  Pity.

*Brushing back his bangs, Syndicate continues.*

Syndicate: You ever hear the tale of Icarus, DragonFly?  It's an old Greek story.  The famed inventor, Daedalus, was once trapped on the isle of Crete with his son, Icarus.  As a means of escape, he crafted wings out of wax and feathers for the two of them to use to fly out of their prison.  Miraculously, the wings worked, and in no time, Daedalus and Icarus were flying high over the Mediterranian.  But Icarus...he took on more than he could handle.  Even though he was warned not to fly too high, Icarus reached for the sky...and got burnt by the sun.  After the heat melted the wax, Icarus fell to his death, never to be seen again.  It's a tragic fable, truly...and I hope you learn for it, DragonFly, or I'm afraid that ancient history is about to repeat itself.

*Bringing the baseball bat down from his shoulder, Syndicate uses it as a walking stick, of sorts, as he begins to wander his way across the rooftop.  The camera, still positioned on a tripod, does not move, resulting in a completely static shot of the roof in its entirety.*

Syndicate: I really don't think you know what you're getting yourself into.  You claim to know me so well, as if you've been facing off against me for years now.  You say you're ready for both Sydney Irvine and the Los Angeles Outlaw.  You believe that you're stronger, more capable, and ready to take on the challenge head-on.  But none of that is true...especially not right now.  Because Sydney Irvine and the Los Angeles Outlaw, DragonFly...are dead.  Killed, in fact, by the extraordinary pieces of shit known as Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister.  In their place stands the Lone Wanderer, a man that has been permanently changed by the events of Bloodshed and their ramifications.

Syndicate: I no longer give a shit about putting on a show, nor do I care about how I look in the public eye or what anybody else thinks of me.  I've had every important thing ripped away from me in an instant, DragonFly...those details suddenly matter far less than they did before.  Now...I just want to hurt people in every possible way, as my own personal retribution for what has transpired, and unless you shut your goddamn mouth, DragonFly, you're going to be first on my hitlist.  And if you don't stop flying too close to that cursed sun...you're gonna fall, and you're gonna fall at my hands.

*Reaching the other end of the rooftop, Syndicate stares down at the street, which is all but deserted at this time of the night.  A 24-hour convenience store can be seen with a man behind the counter, looking at his phone.  Next to the store, a bakery has its windows shuttered and its door locked.*

Syndicate: I once thought that heart was all you needed to win a match, DragonFly...but oh, how wrong I was.  I used to think that I was invincible, just like how you seem to think of yourself now.  But no one is invincible, DragonFly...no one.  Everyone has their limit, their threshold of pain that, once crossed, becomes too much to handle.  Now, you're relatively new around here, and as far as I'm concerned, no one that you've faced thus far has quite been able to find that threshold.  But those people aren't me.  If we cross paths in the near future, DragonFly...I'm going to find that breaking point of yours, and I'm going to smash right through it because I want you to lose EVERYTHING...just like I have.

Syndicate: So you can keep talking like you somehow matter in this bleak, desolate, unforgiving world.  You can keep up the charade as long as you'd like.  But the moment I see you and your |BLEEP|ing mask walking around ANYWHERE in my vicinity...I'm going to break you, and I'm going to rip apart your perfect little world piece by piece.  So, if I were you...I'd stay the |BLEEP| away.  For your own safety, of course.

*For the first time in this video, the ghostly image of a smirk appears on the lips of Syndicate.*

Syndicate: After all...you wouldn't want to fly too close to the sun.

*Once again slinging the bat over his shoulder, Syndicate turns around and walks towards the stairwell door.  As he does, the image is slowly taken over by black-and-white static.*



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