Ice Bath

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Thu, Jul27, 2017 10:16pm America/Phoenix
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Ice Bath
The camera opens to inside Jake Devine's personal gym, as we're used to now. However, Jake is nowhere to be seen. The camera moves through the room, but Jake is not currently using any of the machines. Instead, the camera find two adjacent doors on the lrft corner of the room. The left door reads Sauna, and the right door reads Ice Bath. The cameraman opens the door to the ice bath, and inside the room is a small pool, filled to the brim with cold water and ice. Jake sits inside, his body submerged. With his eyes closed, he addresses the camera.

Jake: No Disqualification. Submission. Steel cage. These are the three match conditions for my Three Stages of Hell match with Syndicate at Fury. Possibly the most brutal combination that James Bourne could come up with. Fits the name, I must say. We'll be putting each other through insane levels of punishment and torture in that ring. I doubt we'll even be able to walk away from the ring once we're finished. If anything, the winner will likely celebrate their win at the hospital.

Jake opens his eye and emerges from the ice bath, and he's wearing nothing but blue boxers. He stretches his body, and starts to walk through the room, to reheat his body.

Jake: I am preparing my body for the amount of pain I will have to go through. And I am sure you are doing the same. You can't just be enjoying your stay in New York City. No, you are training as hard as I am for our match. We will be going through fire and flames together, after all. That's great. I would be disappointed if you weren't going all out on me. So, I'm glad you won't underestimate me, as I previously thought. There's one thing that I think you got wrong, though. And that's comparing me to Kurtis Ray.

Jake takes a towel and starts to dry out his hair, as he stretches to warm up his body.

Jake: Kurtis, as we both know, is a pretty tough fighter. We both have met and defeated him before. He is a former World champion for a reason. However. The main difference between us is that, once he got to the top, he let himself go. He thought nobody would be able to stand up to him, and he started taking it easy. That's why you were able to defeat him again. I won't do that. If I were to lose to you at Fury, I'd bounce back. I'd double down on my training, and I would challenge you again. And, if I were to win, which is what I'm obviously going for, I'd triple my current training. I'll be ready for any and all challengers, including yourself once more.

Jake throws in 6 jabs in quick succession, finishing with a left uppercut.

Jake: Rocky. That's a pretty good movie, yes. A no-name brawler manages to take the current, more skilled champion to the very last round, something that no one was able to do before. That's a great feel-good story about a hungry underdog. And that's where your comparison fails. Rocky was an underdog. But we're evenly matched here, Syndicate. We are both the two best wrestlers in this company. Just as you clawed your way from the bottom of the rankings all the way to the top, I have done the same. That's why, more than anything, I must make you submit. If I were to win the No DQ segment, you could say it was a fluke. If I make you submit? Then you'll know that I am, indeed, the better fighter.

Jake turns to face the camera with a stern look on his face.

Jake: You say I'll have to earn the WWX Undisputed championship. And you bet I am ready for the challenge. I am no Underdog, Synd. No. I am on your level. You want me to prove it? Then be ready for it. At Fury: Night of Champions, you'll be at my home turf. Madison Square Garden. I'll be prepared to pry that championship from your hands. And I am more than ready to go through literal hell if that's the case. You just need to know one thing I am more than ready.

Jake turns his back to the camera and walks towards the door to the gym. He opens it, but before he enters, he turns his head to face the camera with a smile.

Jake: Hell awaits for us both, Syndicate. And I will go through the flames with a smile.

He gives a thumbs up as he walks through the door. The camera fades to black

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