Idle Threats

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Sun, Oct01, 2017 7:08pm America/Phoenix
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Idle Threats
???: "If you mess with the best, you die like the rest". Those are the words you said Bob. Do you have any idea on how many people have basically stated they were going to end me? End my career or something along that line? On second thought, don't answer that. You wouldn't understand anyway.

The camera pans out to see Xavier at a jazzy-looking place in the middle of French Quarter. He takes a sip of a Mimosa before he continues.

XAVIER: So you were here some years ago before I came to the WWX and suddenly you decided after a near 2-decade hiatus you decide to return to the WWX. What you're failing to realize Bob is that I no longer sit back and sit on my past accomplishments. I instead look towards things I have yet to accomplish, like finally acquiring the Undisputed Title or becoming either a 6-time International or tag team champion. Those are the things I look forward to accomplsihing before I leave the WWX. So you telling me "I'm gonna die like the rest for messing with the best type bulls**t doesn't wash water with me. That and I don't take too kindly to idle threats.

Xavier's cell phone rings. He recognizes the number and answers.

XAVIER: Hey baby. You feeling okay.........I know. It was a tough break......Even some of the fans stated that the TV ring show more heart than the other rings.........Yeah. I got in town 2 hours and tried to call you but my phone died.........So the doc said for you to take it easy for a few weeks.........okay. Has Jeff stopped by our house.........Oh, he's there now...Put him on the phone............Hey Jeff, thanks for looking after your mom for me. How's Michelle and the kids......They're with you and your mom? Awesome.........a'ight. Go ahead and put your momma back on............Yeah babe.........Uh, put it next to my side of the bed and I'll check it out after Fury when swing by. Did I get any mail I need to pay more attention to............Detroit Power should know by now that they could just send me a text when our light bill is due.........A'ight. You can send them the money if you want. If not, I'll do our usual thing in the morning when I head to te Superdome.......Oh, I'm on the card for Fury.........Bob "The Beast" Mellon............I know. I'm actually about to head back to the hotel room and see if I can find some old videos of Mellon and start from there...all right. I'll talk to you guys later. I love you......bye.

Xavier hangs up and asks the waiter for his check while taking one last sip of his Mimosa.

XAVIER: There's no question that you are pretty good in the ring and that you can hold your own. This I already know. But to tell me that you're gonna end me or saying that I already lost before the match itself even gets here is plain overconfidence and you overselling yourself, not to mention underestimating me. Just remember what I said: I don't take too kindly to idle threats. See you at Fury...Bob.

scene fades

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