I'm Coming for You Tommy

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Sat, Mar10, 2018 7:47am America/Phoenix
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I'm Coming for You Tommy
The scene opens up to what looks to be a community swimming pool inside a local community center.  Xavier Pendragon is seen swimming a few laps before he spots a cameraman with Leon Jones in tow.

Jones: Uh, Xavier...a moment of your time?

Xavier turns and sees Leon.

Xavier: Sure. What's up?

Jones: What are your thoughts about what Lipton and Blade said about you and your thoughts going into your world title match on Ravage?

Xavier: Blade says I'm a b***h and that I'm gonna get hurt while Lipton himself says that I don't want to fight him that I'm automatically lost before the match is even here. If that's not a delusion of grandeur then I don't know what is.

Jones: So you think that Blade will try to impact the match then?

Xavier: I have something to neutralize Blade should he try to interfere. This is between me and Lipton. You see, unlike Lipton, I don't underestimate my opponent to which Lipton has a habit of doing lately. He's already talking about defending the title at Armada, but he has to actually make it to Armada with the title in hand, which is easier said than done.

Jones: Rumors have been circulating about your son Jeffrey returning to the WWX. Care to touch up on that?

Xavier: That's something for another day. I will say this however: Tommy Lipton, I'm coming for you and I'll be damned if I'm stopped by the likes of you.

Without another word, Xavier resumes swimming, leaving Leon to ponder Xavier's words.

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