I'm Mr Terry! Who Are You?

Roleplay Roleplay by MR. TERRY
On Fri, Jun16, 2017 10:33am America/Phoenix
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I'm Mr Terry! Who Are You?
[Mr Terry is sat in his massive office on the front chair, there are people angrily leaving the room and Mr Terry is breathing heavily. His face is red and he looks stressed, his tie is barely hanging down his neck and his blazer is scruffy. His glasses are lopsided and his hair is ruffled. He speaks in a low, raspy voice.]


[One of the employees sticks her head in and informs him of his contract.]

Employee: Yup, so do I sir.

Mr Terry: Judith, your fired...

Employee: Mmm Hmm, bye!

[She walks out casually, she knows she'll be back.]

Mr Terry: I mean, honestly! The so called 'GM' thinks that I'm a wrestler!

[Yet another employee sticks his head in and opens his mouth to speak, before he says anything Mr Terry speaks.]

Mr Terry: You're fired.

[The employee walks out of the room just like the last.

Mr Terry: And I'm against Hexagon and Mr Die! Exactly who are these people? Tex Girl comes back after ages and she's apparently the TV champ now! I mean who would of thought it! And as for Professor Deaf, wait who is he again? Mr Creepy perv more like! 'It's time for your appointment' he says, just his voice makes me shiver and feel violated!

[Mr terry shakes his head disapprovingly, then pulls his tie off.]

Mr Terry: I need a break! First I get kicked out of Outrage, being an outrage in itself, and now I have to deal with these wierdos! I mean, who does Hex Girl think she is? Count Dracula's fiance? Never mind, I guess I gotta start training. Actually, why don't I call VM?

[He picks up his phone reluctantly and dials some numbers. The phone starts ringing and someone answers.]

Mr Terry: Hi it's Terry. 

[You hear a voice on the speaker that sounds extremely similar to Mr Terry's own raspy redneck like voice.]

VM: What do you want?!

Mr Terry: Oh, yeah I was just wondering, I've got a match coming up and...

VM: A match?!

[He says half sarcastically, half surprised.]


Mr Terry: What?


[Mr Terry is starting to get angry and frustrated.]  

Mr Terry: SHUT UP!!!

VM: Excuse me?

Mr Terry: Sorry sorry.

VM: That's better!

Mr Terry: Ok, so, I have a match this Sunday...

[VM sniggers mockingly.]

Mr Terry: And it's against Hex Lady and Sir Life and I was wondering if...

VM: Yes, get on with it man!

Mr Terry: I was wondering if you could give me tips for training.

[VM talks almost instantly, surprising Mr Terry.]

VM: Steroids.

Mr Terry: What?!

VM: Steroids.

Mr Terry: Sir, I'm not using drugs!

VM: I said, steroids.

Mr Terry: No!

VM: Yes!

Mr Terry: I want to use  natural gains!

VM: You're fired.

Mr Terry: YOU'RE fired.

Vm: Ok then, if you really want to use natural gains, I would suggest that you haul ass down to my gym if you don't want to be fired!

Mr Terry: Really?  OK then, I'm on my way.

VM: Good, and make sure to bring lots and lots of body oil.

Mr Terry: Wha?!

[Before Mr Terry can say anything else Vm hangs up on him. Mr Terry looks towards the camera, annoyed.]

Mr Terry: Well I guess that I'm going to Carolina then.

[Secra-Terry starts to pack his bags as the screen fades to black.]  

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