I'm the TRUE & RIGHTFUL Hardcore Champion!

Roleplay Roleplay by SCOTT GRAYSE
On Wed, May16, 2018 4:02pm America/Phoenix
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I'm the TRUE & RIGHTFUL Hardcore Champion!
-They’re calling him a thief, a belt bandit, and Gary Tinordi is not happy.-

Grayse: Do I care? I really don't. What nobody realizes is that I am the rightful Hardcore Champion! I took what belongs to me! That piece of garbage Tinordi can buzz off. I'm the rightful and true Hardcore Champion! 

-Grayse shows the Hardcore title and it has Gary Tinordi’s name scratched out and a Scott Grayse nameplate on top.-

Grayse: They ask us why? Why did you steal whats not yours? Why would you commit wrestling suicide and be a belt thief? And my answer is simple…

-Grayse smirks while looking at Helen one way and at HIS Hardcore title the other way on his shoulder.-

Grayse: Because Gary Tinordi is a drug addict loser who doesn’t deserve his grubby, stoner hands on this prestigious belt! I bring prestige to this title because I represent WWX and I represent the right frame of mind! That delusional numbnuts couldn’t hell his elbow from his asshole! So that's why I took it. I saved it!

-That could be an argued point but Grayse doesn’t care.-

Grayse: Now this week I got Hex Girl. The miracle kid with a roll-up win. But see Hex I'm not Riddick and I'm not someone who will overlook your smarts in that ring. See I can tell when I have to change up or improve my game. You, You will force me to improve my game and I look forward to our mett. I will warn you If you decide to screw me, cheat or anything else I will use Helen to crack open that soft skull of yours! Don’t be stupid!

-Grayse begins to walk away as we see the back of his shirt “Legends Never Die” as he turns..-

Grayse: For the record Gary, You’re never getting this back!

-Grayse laughs evilly as the scene fades out.-

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