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On Fri, Dec08, 2017 7:49am America/Phoenix
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{The camera comes to life showing a video of the failed implosion of the Pontiac Silverdome. Dust flies all around the stadium but nothing else happens. The video feed cuts off as the camera pans out to show Darkness sitting in a chair by himself.}

Darkness: Well what do you know, somebody else that underestimated someone or something. The fact that you keep underestimating me Rayne baffles me. Yes you have beaten me  but do yo know how many superstars on this roster or use to be on this roster have beaten me. Did it make them the best? Maybe for that night it did... maybe for that time as their hand was being raised they were the best.  Just like you Rayne, you were the best that night but on Ravage you and Super Bacon will not be the best.

{Darkness cracks a slight grin.}

Darkness: Like Syndicate said you are facing two of the best in the business right now. You might be able to beat one of us but there is no chance in hell you can take out both. You can sit back and think you are the best but eventually your dumb luck will run out. Yes you heard me right Rayne, dumb luck. That is what your current situation is. You win a couple of matches and for some reason our General Manager goes delusional and puts you in the world title picture. You know, I know, Syndicate knows, and everybody else knows you didn't deserve it and when it is all said and done me and Syndicate will prove it.

{Darkness' slight grin gets a little larger}

Darkness: You see Rayne you can keep underestimating me if you want but do you see what happens if you do. You lose in a world title match. You lose in a match that could have made a name for yourself, that could have finally made you a world champion but no.... you underestimated the one person you shouldn't have. The one person that in a split second can become your worst nightmare just ask Ranger. He underestimated me and I took the television title away form him not to mention the world title I took from him. So keep it up. You think that one win garners you some kind of privilege well if you think then come Ravage your privileges will be revoked.

{The camera feed goes back to a video of the Pontiac Superdome.}

Darkness: Rayne, you have hyped yourself up over the past couple of months that many people are getting sick of it.  Everybody goes on winning streaks and eventually everybody will have a losing streak of some sorts. But you win a few matches and you think you have some kind of Goldburg like streak going on. Well with going that logic, after last weeks Ravage you are now 0 and 1, and that in your words is a losing streak.

{The video begins to play as explosions go off and the Pontiac Superdome implodes into itself.}

Darkness: Ah, implosion. This is what will happen to your career Rayne. You have built yourself up to be some mighty impressive wrestler just like everybody consider the Pontiac Silverdome impressive. But just like that impressive stadium you will implode on yourself. The more hype you give yourself the harder you will implode. So on Ravage let the implosion begin, the ass kicking begin or the whatever you want to call it begin. The match at Holiday Hell will be a one on one match come hell or high water.


{Darkness pulls out his cell phone and checks the text message. Darkness begins typing a text back in response.}

{{Lucius Cashmere,  I need to know where and when Syndicate's interview will be on Ravage. He still owes me for saving his ass on Ravage last week.}}

{Darkness goes to put his phone up when a quick response comes back.


{{You know  I can't disclose that kind of information to you. Mr. Ranger would have me fired for sure.}}

{Darkness throws the phone against the wall, shattering it to pieces.}

Darkness: One simple thing. All he had to do was one simple thing. Why is everybody so afraid of the big bad snake.

{Darkness storms off, stepping on pieces of broken phone as the the camera fades to black.}

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