Imprisonment of brutality and violence

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On Mon, Apr09, 2018 9:56pm America/Phoenix
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Imprisonment of brutality and violence
"We're going live in five, four, three.."

+ The producer goes silent and hand signals the final countdown from two to one then points to reporting interviewer Brett Zayne seated on a custom made Armada set shaped as an old naval fleet. +


+ The camera slowly  zooms in and pans to the right, bringing Dragonfly into the frame. +


-Brett Zayne- first off, thanks for joining me here today for this quick impromptu sitdown interview and welcome to our new Armada set! Pretty fancy, right?

+ Dragonfly gives a glimpse over the shoulder at the massive WWX banner hung as a giant sail. +

Very impressive. Just like this Armada card. 

-Brett Zayne- absolutely! Let's give it a quick rundown shall we?

WWX Championship #1 Contender Inferno Asylum Match between Rex McAllister and Korath.

Co-Main Evented by a Triple Threat Rules match between Tommy Lipton, Jake Devine and Syndicate for the undisputed WWX Championship. Hungry for more violence? Let WWX quench your thirst for blood and allow us to feed your appetite for destruction with this possible match of the night contender!

#1 Contenders WWX International Ladder Match with Bob "The Beast" Mellon. Tanno Waters. Kurtis Ray and the Devil's favorite spawn in Hex Girl. 

Jarvis Valentine pulling double duty with the grizzled Rock star veteran, Axel Van Roth.

Darkness defends his wrestling career and legacy is on the line as Xavier Pendragon puts his World Title up as collateral, which means - If Darkness wins, Xavier does not earn a world title shot, If Xavier wins, He gets another chance at the WWX Championship and Darkness must retire!

The WWX Tag Team Championships will be determined in a classic tag team rules match as the duo of Darkness/Syndicate try to snuff out 420. Will Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazenbrook's tag team title aspirations go up in smoke? Tune in to find out!

Last but not least, we have Armada's own Elimination chamber! Over a mile of steel chain surrounding reinforced iron platforms outside of the four cornered ring that will resemble a warzone when six men compete for the privilege and honor of becoming WWX Television Champion! 

Current reining and defending holder of the tv crown Willie Steen will have a tough task ahead with Twist. Jarvis Valentine. Damian Hendrix. Scott Grayse and Super Bacon. All aiming their sites on the smoothest operator in wrestling but one challenger that might be flying under everyone's radar is today's guest. Dragonfly, thanks for being here and please forgive my horrible pun.

+ Dragonfly slightly winches with a grimace as he clutches his bandaged ribs and smiles? +

Everyone here in the wwx wants to be the best but only a select few possess the determination, will power, resilience, perseverance or the championship quality skills necessary to win. 

The time and effort that is needed and required to succeed here at every level of competition on a week to week, month to month, year to year basis. 

The two most important key elements of success are preparation and performance.

The third? Consistency. Not just in quantity but quality as well because anyone can memorize a few lines or recite a paragraph or two of diolog that peaks few interest other than their own for the sole sake of feeding ones own egotistic mindset.
This game? This competition. This chamber of imprisoned violence. It isn't just about physicality.

It's also psychological. Mental. It takes savvy innovation to survive Armada's Elimination Chamber.

Five other men will contend for the honor of being called the Television Champion of the WWX Universe. All looking to inflict as much damage possible and it could be very possible for me to be challenged in some form by any and everyone involved in this epic opportunity.

-Brett Zayne-
Stamina. Heart. Determination. All play a small factor. 

+ DragonFly nods in agreement +

-Brett Zayne-
Two bigger factors will be aggression and luck.

+ DragonFly shrugs both shoulders and a slow growing smirk of a smile reveals itself through the mouth slit hole of the Dragon inspired lucha mask as the newest challenger to the wwx television championship title responds with confidence. +

Luck is what you make of it but talent and skill? Almost always wins out.

Speed, quickness, agility and natural ability will be my strengths for me to play to but this will also be an opportunity to show the WWX and our fans the level of agression DragonFly will bring to the most brutal, vicious contest for survival in wrestling's long tenured history. This is the time to prove who wants and deserves to walk out of Armada as the sole survivor and as the undisputed WWX Television Champion!

-Brett Zayne-
Your family. There is a dark past there. Your mother suffered from mental illness in the form of schizophrenia and dementia. Your father, a violent gang member convicted of murder. It has been famously said that the nuts don't fall far from the family tree. Is there concern on your end when it comes to inheriting these very unstable and unpredictable traits?


We all have demons. Some more than others. The trick is learning how to control that energy and harness the power that comes with it into a weapon to be unleashed with all the primal instincts of a predatory assassin. So to answer your question, no. I embrace who I am and where my roots are because being crazy like a fox has its benefits but it does not define me or what DragonFly represents as an in ring performer it might however, alter my persona. There are times for battle and a time for war. The stakes are high and the competition is fierce. This is winner takes all and everyone is playing for keeps. Including me.

+ Dragonfly removes the clip on microphone and calmly walks off the set. +

-Brett Zayne-
There you have it wrestling fanatics. The Elimination Chamber is an event in wrestling history and it goes down at Armada. Don't miss it! 


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