In Da Club Pt.1

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Tue, Dec12, 2017 6:22am America/Phoenix
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In Da Club Pt.1
We are in the back of a metal dive bar somewhere in Dallas Texas. A VIP area open to Fozzy Ozbourne and his entourage. The usual assortment of skid row that shows up for Fozzy's shows, some are friends, some are bandmates, some are weirdos and groupies that get into the VIP area somehow. Just a usual night in the life of a rock and roller, hanging out having drinks and playing tunes for people. Tonight wasn't a show headlined by Fozzy's band Trend Killer Syndicate although Fozzy and Sam went out on stage and did one or two songs. No this was about Fozzy's buddies, a band know as the Silver Tongue Devils Fozzy's opening act. He watches enthusiastically as the band does their thing. Stretched out on a large red leather couch by himself he reaches over at the table in front of him and takes a drink of his vodka on the rocks. Booking shows all over Texas for the last few weeks has been stressful but rewarding. Getting to hang out with Sam Crow again has been a blast. Playing the old songs they wrote together has been a joy and now Sam Crow was back in the wrestling business again watching Fozzy's back. 

Fozzy looks over at Sam Crow who is by the VIP bar downing some mixed drinks chasing them with shots of Jack Daniels. Visible signs of inebriation on Sam Crow as Fozzy speaks up to the bartender almost yelling. 

FOZZY- HEY!! Cut him off for awhile he's doing security right now!

The bartender nods in agreement as Sam looks over with kind of a pissed off look and finishes his shot of Jack. He takes his mixed whiskey drink and walks over to Fozzy.

SAM- What's up with that Foz?

Fozzy takes another drink of his vodka rocks and looks at up at Sam with a smirk.

FOZZY- Come on man, you're working right now. You know I don't care if you have a few drinks here and there throughout the night but I need you to have your wits about you. I've made lots of enemies while I've been here in Texas. You need to watch my back!

Sam scoffs and takes a drink.

SAM- I am watching your back I'm fine.

FOZZY- I know I just don't want you to get out of hand, you're starting to get those Berzerker eyes where you look like you're going to kill everybody. I need you to be on the level just in case something goes down.

Sam looks down at his drink, takes another and finishes it then slams the cup on the table.

SAM- FINE! I cut myself off. HA!

FOZZY- Good man.

Just then a group of attractive women come up to Fozzy's table and sit down beside him. The girls are obviously interested in Fozzy as 2 of them nudge closer to him. He flashes each of them a smile and sits back. Sam disappears in the background as the girls whisper in Fozzy's ears. After a few moments of flirting and kissing Fozzy gets up with the girls and starts to walk towards a back room past Sam Crow.

FOZZY- Looks like I'll be tied up for a couple minutes. A WWX camera crew is going to show up sometime soon when they do, tell to set up outside in front of the club. OK?

Sam nods as Fozzy and the girls walk past him and disappear into a back room. About a hour later the scene transitions to out front of the club. About a dozen people are outside smoking, Sam Crow appears from the front doors and following behind him is Fozzy Ozbourne. Knowing full well that a camera crew was waiting for him he changed into a custom made leopard print suit, the WWX Television Title around his waist on the outside of his suit. Sam seemingly secures the area as Fozzy approaches the camera crew with a big smile....(He must be feeling good)

FOZZY- HEY NOW! My adoring press you've come for me, have you? I imagine you want me to comment on my upcoming match against Super Bacon and Rayne.

A interviewer is about to ask a question when Fozzy interrupts not letting her speak.

{{{Fozzy's disclaimer- Apparently I have to split up my role plays now so stay tuned for part 2.}}}


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