In Da Club Pt.2

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Wed, Dec13, 2017 5:40am America/Phoenix
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In Da Club Pt.2
FOZZY- Just when you think you have all the answers I change the questions. Shout out to Rowdy Roddy. My upcoming match with Krimson Blaze is a important one. It's a chance to add more gold on this beautiful body of mine. So that's a important driver of mine I'm here for glory and gold. AS YOU CAN SEE! (Fozzy crotch chops the title around his waist.) It seems as though my partner Krimson Blaze has an apparent lack of motivation. It's hard to trust a guy who has been performing like him, it's not like we are friends or anything like that. I'm not his daddy trying to pick up his spirits or any of that crap, all I can do is set the example and push through what faces me next. Like I said before I can carry his damn weight to those tag team titles all by myself. It's not going to be easy. Let's take Super Bacon for example who decided to grow a set of bacon bits and compete. Everybody saw it last week he did the impossible in fact both he and his partner Rayne took out the top two guys here in WWX to advance in this tournament. No easy feat for sure but people need to understand that when I'm across from you in the ring, you're not going to have an easy night. Now I happen to catch Bacon's promo it felt like I was watching Saturday morning cartoons or something. His experience should dictate not to sleep on me and what I can do in the ring. YEAH YEAH! I've been hearing the criticism online about how I can't win a match clean but I don't care as long as I'm winning that's all that matters. I'm coming into this match knowing full well if we advance me and Krimson both will be pulling double duty at Holiday Hell and I'm fine with that. At this point in my career it's all about legacy building and saving some F U money for later. I don't know what's going through Krimson's head he's blowing opportunity after opportunity letting Bob Mellon and Tom Black get inside his head. But he's lucky to have a partner like me I've been trying to show him I have his back but I feel he's not taking it seriously.

Some fans outside start snapping pictures of Fozzy speaking with WWX cameras outside the club. Any fans getting too close to Fozzy Sam backs them away.

FOZZY- Rayne, I see a guy who can speak elegantly and has nice metaphors for whatever point he's trying to get across. You have a regal quality I suppose. I guess that's why you and about ten others choose the king gimmick here in WWX. But forget all that, I see a guy on a endless pursuit to be the best and I can respect that cause if you're not trying to be THE GUY what the hell are you doing in this business. While Bacon may be playing games and having fun in his little fantasy world I can feel your struggle Rayne, that struggle to be the best but coming up JUST A LIL BIT SHORT every time. OH! I know that pain all to well.

Fozzy holds his gut for a moment and continues.

FOZZY- You'll probably hide behind your false ego and point out how I suck and do a good job of it too. But it's merely words, you're going to be left wondering how in the hell a little shit like me got the better of a big man like you. After I defeat you, I state my case that I SHOULD BE in the main event picture. I see you as an opportunity to advance my career here in WWX. See I think you're really focused on the Undisputed Title more than you are the Tag Titles. You're focused on Syndicate and you should be he's a worthy champion. I think you just see the Tag Titles as a consolation prize just in case you choke in the Undisputed Title match at Holiday Hell. That's one of many differences between us Rayne. I want the prestige of being a double champion, I want to capture my first ever tag team title. While I'm not all that happy with my partner Krimson Blaze I'm willing to work it out with him to achieve this goal. I'm willing to put it all on the line and back up my big mouth. If I crash and burn so be it. 

Fozzy's eyes fire up in anger but he tries to keep a cool tone.

FOZZY- After my last match you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm looking to prove something. I got screwed by Xavier Pendragon and his Empire of fools and they will get their payback in due time. Everyone knows I was running circles around Xavier in that match but somehow he got the win. I may be essentially going one on two in this match on Ravage but I don't care I plan on walking out with the win. I plan on making on statement in this match. That statement is I'm not here to put people over I'm here to crush your hopes and dreams I'm here to make a name for myself. I'm here to be THE MAN I'm here to compete and prove to everyone that I am who I say I am and that's better than you. WAKE UP EVERYBODY! The rise of The Trend Killer is imminent and this time it's about securing our spot in the Tag Team Title tournament finals at Holiday Hell.

Fozzy pretends to drop an invisible mic and walks away from the camera crew. Sam and Fozzy are seen walking to the parking lot as the scene fades.


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