In Review #1

Report Report by JAMES RANGER
On Sat, Dec02, 2017 10:24pm America/Phoenix
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In Review #1
Here's the rundown at this point of the WWX Evaluation Stage:

1. Max promo limit is 800 words. It should not be any longer than that. I will count it. There's  no minimum, but effort dictates your work in promos overall if you intend to climb up the ladder.

2. Strategies from start until the end of deadline are considered. Not many of you think outside the box or even think real life everyday situations can be applied to this hobby. The worse that happens is i send an email back saying no go, come up with something different.

3. Divisions are starting to shape up. After this last week, i can actually rank the world division just from effort alone. International is shaping up slowly but that is expected. I recommend everyone consider someone on the roster as a potential tag team parter.

4. Tag Team Titles are still a go. Despite setbacks, i am gonna try and make them work. So expect to be booked accordingly.

5. Sandbagging....Don't Do It. Don't wait for the other person, you should be concerned with your overall effort and if you're nailing it each week. 

6. Feedback is always given if wanted. If you don't wanna know that's fine, but to get better either its you helping yourself or seeking help from others.

7. Know that if i am telling you "you're doing it right", you are going in the right direction. Stay on course and ride the waves.

8. Contracts. If you're still invested in the fed, renew them so that i can continue booking you. Those watching from the outside on the fence, hit me up if you have questions.

Til Next Week!



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