Getting Started in the WWX - Quick Start Guide

WWX Getting Started - 

Quickstart Guide

Getting Started in the WWX isn`t really hard. A few simple steps would do it. Navigate through the Flash Tutorial below or scroll down to go through the steps in Text/Image format...

Step 1 : Registration

Click Join to register yourself as a player.

Step 2 : Email and Log In

Send a quick email to the commissioner to introduce yourself then log in to the Control Panel using the username and password you registered with.

Step 3 : Create your Superstar

You need to have at least a superstar, so you need to create one. Log In to the Control Panel, click My Superstars, click Create New Superstar.
WWX Control Panel
WWX My Superstars
WWX Create Superstar

Step 4 : Get a feel of the WWX

See what others are doing. Check out the events center to read the events. Ways to read the events:

1 - Going to the WWX Connexion Events Center
2 - WWXC Events Reader: Log In to Control Panel and you will see a list of events. Click on [Reader] next to the event you want to read.
WWX Events Reader
3 - Heat: you can interact with other players, commissioners and administrators on the WWX Heat chat. This can be accessed through the Heat tab at the bottom-right of the screen or the link under the Navigation tab.
More info on that at the WWX Connexion Events Center page

Notice how roleplays are written, if you are not familiar with e-wrestling yet.

Step 5 : Introduce your Superstar

By doing so, you will make your superstar known and get booked in matches. How do you introduce your superstar? By making your introductory roleplay:

Control Panel Log In > My Events > Create Promo Roleplay
WWX Control Panel
WWX My Events
WWX Create Roleplay


Browse to any Event > Create Roleplay
WWX Create Roleplay 2nd Way

Type it, save it and publish it. Here is an example of an Introductory Roleplay. The roleplay is not the best, but it is a sample so you get the idea. If you are an experienced e-wrestler, you can start a feud with another wrestler if you want. But it is recommended that you stick to your alignment on this. For example, if you are playing good guy, feud with a bad guy...

Roleplays can be informal, ie. not in the ring, not in front of a live audience.
Or can be formal. For formal ones, you can send them in as Strategy. More info on that on the Help page.

Step 6 : See what Happens

Check the WWX Events from time to time to read other roleplays, news... (what you did in step 4). Probably, some other superstars might have mentioned your characters in their roleplays! But most importantly, check the Cards - the events with the yellow icons or labelled with C. If you see your superstar name vs someone else, you got your match!

Step 7 : Roleplaying To Your Match

How do you win your match? You've got to send in roleplay events. How? Submit a roleplay like what you did in Step 5. Just that this time, you mention about your upcoming match, your opponent, how powerful your superstar is... or other creative things you can think of. But please adhere to the rules!

Another way is to send an oncard roleplay. More on this later, in Step 8.

OK, your opponent will also send in roleplays for the match. Whoever does better, as determined by the commissioner writing the card, will win the match. How does the commissioner determine winners? Based on:

1 - The Official Guide
2 - Any other criteria specified by the commissioner on the Card

There is no limit for the number of roleplays you can send, unless stated on the card. But please note that more roleplays does not necessarily make you win. We judge quality over quantity. In a nutshell, 100 boring roleplays will not beat 2 awesome ones.

Step 8 : Post A Strategy

This is optional. You can post a strat (strategy) that can be an oncard roleplay or to sort of "control" what your superstar(s) would do on the show, during his/her match, or any other time.

The types of strategies you can send are:

1. Oncard roleplays - just like normal roleplays but they will be aired on the card, not immediately. Unlike normal roleplays, you can include any superstar without the players' permission! This is not unfair, since other players can do the same to your superstars. The commissioner writing the card will decide whether or not to make it happen, and to what extent. These oncard roleplays will also count towards winner decisions. Some people say that oncard roleplays have an unfair advantage but that is not the case because:
- roleplays are judged based on quality of roleplays, not whether the roleplay managed to get the "last laugh" so it does not matter who roleplays first/last.
- everyone can do oncard roleplays, so unfairness is not an issue

2. Generic Behavioral Strategy - just tell the commissioner how your superstar would behave, and he will keep that in mind when writing the card. Example: My superstar will lay low and watch for opportunities during the match instead of charging toward my opponent...

3. Specific Actions - like not showing for the show, beating up a particular superstar or assisting/interfering in someone else's match. For this, write in 3rd person play-by-play style, as if you are writing the show. Do not use future tense like "My superstar The Lost Soul will enter the ring and bla bla bla". Just do "The Lost Soul enters the ring out of nowhere and...". That way, the writer does not need to convert your strat and can directly use it, thus saving time and increasing the strat's success.

To submit a Strategy:
1. browse to the full page of the card event. This must be the correct card! Double Check!
1. You must be logged in. Log in at the top of the page if you haven't.
2. Go to the Events Center just as you did when creating a Roleplay except this time select "Strategy".
2. Type your strategy in the strategy box below and submit it.

To increase the success of your Strategy, it is advisable to send it in as early as possible since commissioners need time to write and prepare the show using your strategy, especially if your strategy contains an oncard roleplay that will be judged.

Step 9 : Doing More

Not satisfied? Have some more ideas? You can repeat step 7 and/or step 8. For Step 8, make sure you tell the commissioner whether you want to:

- add your latest strat to the previous strat or
- just use the latest strat and cancel the previous one

Tell it right where you type your strat.

Step 10 : Who Won?

Continue Checking the WWX Connexion Events Center (Step 4) and on the day of the show's release, watch out for the TV Show event with your superstar's match. Read the show to see what happened. Did you win?


It is back to Step 6. Get ready for the next card. Your superstar might be booked against a different opponent!

Plan your superstar's path. You have and are not limited to these options:
- climb the ladder to win championships
- establish a dominance by bullying smaller players
- get a powerful win-loss record to show off
- focus on character-building instead of win/loss
- pick an opponent of the opposite alignment (bad/good) to start a feud with


You need to be active by posting 1 to 2 moderate-length roleplays a week, and keeping track of current WWX Connexion Events. But you should not spend too much time on the WWX, like typing super long roleplays and sending 2 roleplays everyday. That will just waste your efforts. Also remember to renew your superstar contracts when/before they expire, unless you want to stop playing that superstar. You can go to:

Control Panel Log In > My Superstars > Renew Contract (on the intended superstar)

End Notes

That is all! If you have any questions, please send an email to

Have fun, player. See you in the ring!
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