WWX Official Guide

WWX Official Guide

This is the WWX official guide and rules of play.

If you are new and want to join, you can skip it and read the Getting Started Page instead. That page contains information about how to find your way through the WWX interface to play the game. But as an early warning, you need to come back and read the rules section. Failure to abide by some rules will result in losses in matches even if you have participated well.

General Rules
Matches and Winner Judgment


Player - A member of the WWX who handles his/her superstars and characters

Superstar - A character created by a player in the WWX.

Unregistered Superstar - A character you create for fun to accompany your wrestler(s), like managers... etc

Roleplay - The text you type when you play in this fed. It is the part when a superstar appears in a scene usually backstage, in the ring or somewhere else to give a speech, just like seen on TV.

Strategy (Strat) - A strategy on what you want your wrestlers/characters to do on a card. It may be a strategy on how you want your wrestler to fight (or cheat) in the match or what he/she will do before/after the match. This includes attacking other superstars or interfering in matches.

Card - A TV show with lineups. Matches will be fought on the card.

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General Rules

No absurdity in your applications. Which means you can't have a person who is 20 feet tall and weighs 99999999 pounds.

This is a fantasy e-federation so please use only created superstars. We do not want a Bill Goldberg or a Kurt Angle here.

A handler can as many superstars as they want but make sure all of them are active or they play a role. Inactives will be cut off. It is advisable to start with one or two superstars only.

Please do not use too many taboos or profanity in your roleplays and messages. For example, we have seen some roleplays with the F word in almost every paragraph and the word is used casually for no good reason. Those roleplays would have been superb without those words. If you must, please sensor the language with asterisks. (*) THIS AFFECTS WINNER DECISIONS SERIOUSLY.

We are a booked/roleplay federation but we are not a 100% roleplay federation. We also base the federation on angles, storylines, strategies and effort. So a good roleplayer would often win but not necessarily win. The best planner who roleplays well, plans his strategy and carries out his role would win.

When roleplaying, you are allowed to include other handlers' superstars with a few limitations. You are only allowed to call them out to talk trash and stuff. If you would like to beat them up or get them to do something or humiliate them, you can either:
- Send that script in a Strategy to be aired on the card, or
- Send it as a roleplay event with prior permission from the involved superstars' player by messaging them first.

After a card is sent out, the decisions are final. No arguments. If you are not happy with the results, roleplay or ask for a rematch or just create a strategy where your superstar beats the crap out of the other, and post it as a Strategy to be aired on the card.

When you think you ought to win but you lost, well, try asking the commissioners or build a feud with the person who cost you the loss instead of wasting your efforts complaining.

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Matches and Winner Judgment

Winners are decided by the commissioner who will be writing the show.

The match outcome mostly (but not always) depends on the quality of your roleplay or strategy.
Factors like effort, storyline and angles are considered too.

Strength Table (powerful to weak)
1 Good Roleplay
2 Moderate roleplay
3 Good strategy
4 Lousy Roleplay
5 Lousy strategy
6 Did not send anything.

The higher the rank or quality of your roleplays, the higher the chance for you to win the match. For example: a moderate roleplay beats a good strategy.

A good roleplay is not necessarily a very long roleplay. It is a roleplay that is not too short, has some content and is fun to read.

If you provide a combination, eg. Roleplay + Strategy, your chances of winning a match might be higher.

The QUANTITY FACTOR has always been a controversy. We don't care how many flashes you type for your match judgment. If they are boring hell, your opponent with one exciting flash that is around 30 lines long can beat you. So if you think you can win by sending us a `novel`, then save your efforts. We value `A+ essays`, not `D- novels`.

In order to win, should the roleplay involve talking trash about the superstar that will be your opponent? NO! The keywords here are "exciting", "has enough content", "fun to read", "good strategy". There is no rule saying that even though your roleplay is good, if your roleplay does not contain any statements about your opponent(s), you will lose... NO! Hell, you can even do a video-montage-style or biography-style roleplay to introduce your superstar further, tell about accomplishments, or even illustrate how your superstar trains. Your creativity is your limit. The only thing you need is to mention about your match in your roleplay. On the contrary, trash-talking sometimes evolve into quarrels that get old fast and degrade roleplay quality instead.

Superstars can suggest matches by challenging other superstars. If the other party accepts you've got yourself a match, unless the commissioners have other plans.

If you want a title, just challenge the champion. If the champ accepts, you've got your titleshot unless the commissioners disagree or have other plans.

In all cases of a challenge and acceptance, PLEASE confirm the match with the show writer or commissioner.

One superstar usually fights in one match per show.

If you want to interfere in other wrestler's matches or beat someone up before the match, that kind of stuff, post it as a Strategy or contact the show commissioner.

NOTE about winner judgment: The above are only general guidelines on how winners are decided. However, the show's commissioner may have other criteria and if that is the case, they will be stated on the card when it is issued.

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