WWX Help, FAQ and Troubleshooting

Welcome to the WWX Help Section. This page hopes to provide help whenever you are stuck, do not know what to do, do not know how to use a certain feature of the site, run into problems, run into errors... This page will be updated whenever necesssary.

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Problem Registering/Logging In
If you cannot log in or register, the reasons might be:
1. Your browser has Javascript disabled. Go to the settings and enable it.
2. Your browser has cookies off. Go to the settings and enable them.
3. Login problem: you mistyped your username and/or password.

Ingame problems
If you just registered and your superstar is not booked in a match, please note that sooner or later, when the WWX directors notice your superstar, he/she will be booked in a match. You can also request to be booked on a match by clicking on the "Request A Match" link on the Control Panel. To speed up this process, you can make an introductory roleplay and if you want, request for a match inside that roleplay. You will definitely get noticed. More info on introductory roleplays can be found at the Getting Started page

If your superstar suddenly disappeared from your account, it is probably because they are not allowed in the WWX because they do not comply with the WWX terms of use or because they are real-life wrestlers like Undertaker or Shawn Michaels. Real-life wrestlers are not allowed in the WWX.

If your superstar is injured but is still booked in a match, here's why. In the WWX, we are not like real-life promotions that need all superstars to be medically cleared to wrestle. If a wrestler gets injured, their contract has to be expired, and then renewed once the wrestler is well again. If it is not, it means the wrestler deems himself/herself as still being able to wrestle and will still remain on the booking list.

Embedding Images, Links and Youtube Videos
To insert a clickable link to another webpage, use this code: {{wwxlink=url_of_the_page}}. For example {{wwxlink=http://facebook.com}}

To insert an image, you need to upload it to an image webhost like imageshack or photobucket and get the URL. Then use this code: {{wwximage=url_of_the_link}}

To insert a youtube video, get the youtube id from the URL of the video and then use this code: {{wwxyoutube=video_id_here}}. For example {{wwxyoutube=7uKH5xhDf7E}}

If your image or video does not show, check to make sure the code or URL is correct. Check if you made any typing mistakes.

Link from WWX to your site
If you want to promote your website and would like to have a link to your site on the WWX link page, go to the Links Page for more instructions.

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