Insane in the Membrane!

Roleplay Roleplay by SCOTT GRAYSE
On Fri, May11, 2018 10:31pm America/Phoenix
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Insane in the Membrane!
-He stands there holding his hammer in once hand and staring at the camera with a sinister, sadistic look.-

“Did you see what I did to Hendrix? Nobody has heard from him…(Chuckles) And nobody will...I had to punch my ticket into that Hardcore Championship match… Now that I am in I will show all of you quite more from me… You see Damian Hendrix had to be pried from that trunk, and from what I hear it was a rather gruesome scene…

-He loves bloodbaths, a trait he tells everyone he’s proud of.-

“Now I get to do that very same thing to 3 other people… 3 other domes, craniums, skulls I can crush with my lovely Helen by my side…”

-Grayse holds up his Hammer as you can see the dried blood from past experiences…-

“I'm sure there’s probably 50 different blood types, some that are rare and some that are common. See Helen is like Heroin...She doesn’t discriminate and her overdose can kill! As Hendrix how he feels, you’re gooing to have to get passed all the I.V’s and tubs attached to him, and maybe the fact that he’s on life support too... “

-Grayse holds up the hammer again.-

“Let us all have a moment for Damian....”

-1-second passes…-

“Okay, that's too much time for such a piece of trash! Let's move onto Bane, Tinordi, and Dragonfly… Bane, you had some choice words for me… Let's start with you!”

-Grayse takes the dried blood, and we can see a little wet, fresh blood as he takes his finger and collects some of that dried blood with some wet blood and writes Bane’s name into his chest…-

“You stupid, stupid meathead! Don’t you know who the |BLEEP| I am? No, you probably don't see you're the new guy here. I'm the resident psychopath and it doesn't matter how big or how massive you are, This skull will crack your cranium just the same. I need you to remember that!”

-Next is Gary Tinordi, member of the WWX tag team champions 420!-

“I remember my days as tag team champion. 430 days with that strap and I must say before I met Helen, I was a rather tough guy to beat! I and my partner knew how to work for the crowd, kick some ass and keep them titles. So, Gary, You mean nothing to me and your cranium will crush like dust!”

-Dragonfly, The infamous Dragonfly.-

“No matter the kind words I will beat you as well Dragonfly! You stole that TV title from me, I was the rightful winner of that belt. So this time around I am taking that Hardcore Championship home and I will do it with Helen, my trusty, blood-soaked hammer! Yeah, I'm |BLEEP|in’ insane...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!”

-The scene fades out slow.-

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