Inside The Universe

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On Fri, Dec15, 2017 10:04am America/Phoenix
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Inside The Universe
{{The scene opens up live from WWX headquarters, lights are on Sarah Jackson and Chris Sanders who are sitting behind a WWX news desk. Some paper lays out in front of them on the desk top. A digital display of the WWX Network logo is shown on the front of the desk and a 80 inch screen TV is placed directly behind them.}}

Chris Sanders: Good morning WWX Universe, WWX superstars and of course our personal shout out the General Manager, Mr. James Ranger. Welcome to the first edition of `Inside the Universe` hosted by myself, Chris Sanders and the always beautiful Sarah Jackson.

Sarah: Thanks Chris, and tonight on the first edition of 'Inside the Universe' we want to address the hottest thing happening right now on WWX TV.

Chris: The two were best friends and 2 time WWX Tag Team Champions. Now they are bitter rivals as they battle it out in a best of five series. This week they face off for the forth round in the series. 

Sarah Jackson: Tommy Lipton has shown he hasn't lost a step as he leads 2 to 1 in this best of five. 

Chris: One has to guess that Syndicate is watching these two battle it out as it's sure that the winner will be next in line for his WWX Undisputed Championship. 

Sarah: Syndicate is busy himself this week as he is set to face off against Kurtis Ray in the Ravage Co-Main Event. 

Chris: You are either the main event or not, I've never been a fan of saying "co main event" and no disrespect to Kurtis Ray or Syndicate, they are both phenomenal athletes but this week the McAllister-Lipton tandem are main eventing Ravage and the two men have been extremely proactive showing they deserve the placement on the card.

Sarah: Watching these two go back and forth this week has been fantastic! They both have eachothers numbers and we can only hope the match lives up to this weeks hype! 

Chris: So should we just go ahead and break the news? 

Sarah: I think so Chris.

Chris: Very well... Breaking news and not caught by WWX cameras but by a fans cell phone who recorded this footage earlier today. We thank Mark James for sending it to us. 

Sarah: The Dallas World Aquarium was rather busy this afternoon when the fighting Legend himself, Tommy Lipton tweeted he would be stopping in at the Dallas Aquarium.  

Chris Sanders: That's right Sarah, Tommy Lipton arrived at the Aquarium and as always he wasn't short of words when it came to talking about Rex McAllister. 

Sarah: Let's watch this footage taken by a Liptin-O-Holic. 

{{The TV transitions to show Tommy Lipton standing in front of a few dozen fans wearing a Dallas Cowboys Jersey. He is standing next to a 40 foot waterfall inside the Dallas Aquarium, in the water bellow are a few penguins splashing around.}}

Tommy: Hey, buddy are you recording This? 

Mark: Yes for my YouTube channel. 

Tommy: Okay great, the WWX camera crew I usually work with are having some issues at the border and I need someone to record this. I'll pay you for your services. 

Mark: wow, really?!! 

Tommy: I'll give you 500 bucks.

Mark: American?

{{Tommy just looks at the young adult for a brief second.}}

Tommy: Yes. American. 

{{Tommy clears the area so that Mark is up in the front for the best picture.}}

Tommy: I got into Dallas a little sooner than I anticipated and it gave me a chance to explore this historic city some more. I've never been here before, look at this waterfall!

{{Tommy throws out both arms to point smiling ear to ear}}

Tommy: So cool. And the penguins, this place is pretty sweet. 

{{Tommys smile fades}}

Tommy: But what's not so sweet is the fact that Rex McAllister has clearly trouble with hearing or just simply listening. Now Tommy Lipton isn't new to the game, I'm very much aware Rex isn't about to suddenly back down. No, No, nope! All week we have been going back and forth! But seriously, again he is calling me out for being desperate while I stand here before all of you leading this series and soon to be closing this seiries OUT! 

{{A fan reaches in to props him and Tommy and the Lipton-O-Holic bump fists}}

Liptin-O-Holic: You rock!

Tommy: What's your name?

Liptin-O-Holic: Kim! I'm like, your biggest fan! 

Tommy: Arent they all, but No, I appreciate that Kim. And Kim, where will you be watching me beat Rex McAllister this week on Ravage from?

Liptin-O-Holic (Kim): I'll be watching at home, but I'll be cheering so loud for you that you will hear me from the Airline Arena! 

Tommy: I love your attitude Kim, your enthusiasm and even though Rex has become quite a dick lately, even a bit creepy, I'm sure he loves all the fans support so here's what I am going to do for you Kim!

{{Tommy reaches into his pocket and pulls out two Ravage tickets and hands them to Kim.}}

Liptin-O-Holic (Kim screaming): No Way! SO COOL! 

Tommy: I know... 

{{Tommy looks at Mark's camera}}

Tommy: The fact is, Rex and I were about saving the WWX and entertaining all you fans, but somewhere something happened to him and although he wants to say my emotions are weaknesses, which he would be right to say, he needs to know my emotion is strictly for the man he use to be. Seriously Kim, I don't think Rex cares about you or anyone else. He's a dog that has gone rabid and now I must be the sole saviour of the WWX and put his ass down. You!

{{Tommy points to a man in the crowd, the man steps forward}}

Liptin-O-Holic (man): Hey Tommy! 

Tommy: The name?

Liptin-O-Holic: Kevin.

Tommy: Kevin, where will you be watching Ravage from?

Lipton-O-Holic (Kevin): At the pub outside the American Airlines Center!

Tommy: You going with budds?

Liptin-O-Holic (Kevin): Yeah, two buddies.

{{Lipton pulls 3 tickets from his pocket.}}

Tommy: How about you come inside the American Airlines Center and join Kim as my guests this week?!

{{He hands the tickets to Kevin who turns his back to Tommy and immediately pulls out his phone and snaps a pic of him holding the tickets with the Legend in the background and begins typing away.}}

Tommy: when I said to Rex I haven't seen anything new from him I wasn't expecting that. 

{{Tommy addresses the phone of Marks again, his death stare can be felt by all watching.}} 

Tommy: Who's this women who you have sent a masked person to retrieve- you know what it doesn't matter. You have become twisted and hateful, you are now no more than a rival of mine and it appears you may end up in jail before we even get to Ravage. But if your ass shows up just know I'll be there, I'll be there waiting and let's talk about games because for you it will be GAME OVER! 

{{Tommy walks up and hands a couple more tickets and some cash to Mark for a job well done.The TV fades to black behind the hosts, Chris and Sarah.}}

Sarah: Tough words from Tommy, but really what is happening to Rex McAllister?

Chris: I would say I wish I knew but I'm honestly afraid to know! 

Sarah: Well the fans are sure backing Tommy Lipton in this series and the polls have shown heavily in favor of the Hall of Famer winning. 

Chris: Thank you for watching WWX and remember I am Chris Sanders and this is Sarah Jackson and we take you 'Inside the Universe'

*End Scene*

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