Intellectual Warfare

Roleplay Roleplay by DRAGONFLY
On Sun, Apr22, 2018 11:36am America/Phoenix
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Intellectual Warfare

Super Bacon will bleed like a stuck pig inside the slaughterhouse that is the Elimination Chamber.
You are... Annoying. Your brash, obnoxious behavior will have consequences. That is a guarantee.

Valentine. Current reigning International Champion.

Hendrix. Potential Future Champion.

Twist. The Darkhorse dangerous threat.

Grayse. Multiple time Champion.

Steen. Former World and current Television Champion.

All are worthy adversaries and vicious competitors to be respected and taken seriously.

Everybody with one exception. That exception is you, Super Bacon. An example will be made of you.

To the Victor, goes the spoils and your rotting carcass will become the first of many victims inside Elimination Chamber. After you are beaten and removed? The real battle begins..


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