Interference... Weak...

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Thu, Feb15, 2018 8:00pm America/Phoenix
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Interference... Weak...
February 15th... 

*The camera comes to life inside the lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn. Darkness is seen sitting on a plush couch next to a fireplace. Above the fireplace is a 60 inch LCD flat screen television. The television channel is on ESPN and they are showing highlights of the Winter Olympics where Mikaela Shiffrin wins the gold in the Giant Slalom.*

Darkness: Another Gold for the United States. That reminds me.

*Darkness reaches down to the glass table in front of him and picks up the tag team championship belt. The faceplate shimmers from the light of the camera. Darkness pats it a couple of times and throws it over his shoulder.*

Darkness: This is what a good partnership will get you Korath. A partnership can be a teammate or it can be a coach like Mikaela Shiffrin's coach. They have a good partnership and she won the Gold medal just like Syndicate and me. No, Korath, we didn't win a gold medal but we did win gold in the form of the WWX tag team championship. A championship that we will not lose easily no matter who challenges us. 

*Darkness drops the championship belt from his shoulder and lays it down into the gym bag that sits on the floor in front of him. Darkness grabs the bag and gets up off the couch.*

Darkness: Interference... Korath, I can't help it if you fall for every trick in the book. You should have known what was coming. I mean, interference has been the name of the game for the whole WWX locker room over the past few months. Have you not been looking? No, you had to be looking because wasn't it you who interfered in one of our matches a few weeks ago. I know Korath, it's different when you do it. It's ok for you to do it, for you to cost me or Syndicate a match but once somebody cost you match or slightly interferes you start crying like the big Nordic baby you are.

*Darkness makes his down the hallway towards the free gym the hotel offers its customers. 

Darkness: Weak... Korath, what do you know about being weak? Having a good partnership and helping out when help is needed is not showing any signs of being weak. What it does show is using good common sense and your brain. Hell, the whole WWX is doing it. Bob Mellon, Hex Girl, Kurtis Ray, Rex McAlister, and even yourself all got into it. So it is only natural for Syndicate and me to jump on the band wagon and follow suit. When it is all said and done a win is a win no matter how you get it. All you have to do is keep your head up and look out for anything because in this age of the WWX anything can and will happen.

*Darkness makes it to the doorway of the gym. He scans his door card and a beep can be heard as the door unlocks. Darkness pushes the door open and walks. Only a few people are in the gym so there shouldn't be any problem starting on any machine he wants to.*

Darkness: Well, would you look at this Korath, a state of the art gym. I know you prefer to pull up roots, stumps, and possible baby tree to get your workout. But, you know what, I prefer to do it this way. Less chance of getting hurt. No telling what you could pull or break while trying to pull out that sapling out of the ground. I mean those things can be tough. One little miss pull and you could blow out your triceps', your bicep, or yeck even both. Although I guess those are the chances you take when you train to try and beat one of the top wrestlers in the game today. Good luck with that one Korath.

*Darkness walks over to the hammer strength Olympic decline machine. He loads four hundred and fifty pounds of weights onto the bar. He then proceeds to lay down on the bench and grips the bar.*

Darkness: When Aftershock is over with Korath, you will know the difference between weakling and ring smarts. Sometimes it takes more than brute strength to win a match. Ninety five percent of the time you need to know your opponents every move and what is coming next. Brute strength will not do that for you. so bring your muscle and bring you brawn to the match and I will bring my ring experience and technical ability and we will see who comes out on top. I can say though they will not be chanting when Darkness falls but more like they will be chanting Nordic Bad Dream.

*Darkness takes a couple deep breaths and then exhales as he lifts the bar and bring it down to his chest and pushes it back up with ease. The camera fades as he adds more weight to the bar.*

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