Interiewing Tom Black Before His Title Oppourtinity

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Thu, May11, 2017 5:55am America/Phoenix
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Interiewing Tom Black Before His Title Oppourtinity
[Tom Black is sat at a desk opposite a man in glasses and a suit. He looks nervous to be interviewing this big, muscular man.]

Interviewer: Hi Tom, this is going to be on the newspaper "Wrestling Monthly" aswell, so don't say anything too funny OK...

Tom Black: Oh, you know me, I would never say anything too explicit!

Interviewer: Ok, we are going live in 5,4,3

[As he gets to 2 and 1, he mimes it, instead of speaking, signalling that they're on air.]

Interviewer: Hello WWX fans, today we are going to be talking to, The Dark One, Tom Black.

Tom Black: FINALLY! Someone called me by my persona for once!

[The interviewer glanced at Tom as if signalling to him to stop.]

Interviewer: So, what's your game plan for this Sunday's Mayhem?

Tom Black: I'm gonna do what I do every Mayhem, I'm going to walk in, and come out as the Mayhem No 1.

Interviewer: So, what are your thoughts on Super Bacon?

Tom Black: Well, I don't think that Robbie has a chance. He's fake, he has to use a jetpack to fly. He can't wrestle and I've got something to tell him. Stop trying to be something you're not. Put down the cape, take off the mask, and go back to your colouring book and juice box...

Interviewer: What about Glorious Gaijin

Tom Black: Let's get one thing straight, he is not Glorious, he stinks like sushi, and he talks too  
much. In Japanese, that is,

Interviewer: What do you think about the Tag Team Championships?

Tom Black: Next week, it's going to be in my home, and that's that.

[The interviewer nods agreeably at every point]

Interviewer: I know these questions probably sound a bit samesy, but what are your thoughts on the current champions, Tommy Lipton and Rex Mcallister?

Tom Black: Well, Tommy Lipton has a lot of experience, he's had awards, and he's considered by most to be a legend, but in this extremely long career, you've never faced The Dark One before. And Rex Mcallister's been riding Lipton's coat tails since he debuted. And as for 420, Pah! I beat them on Mayhem within a couple of minutes! I can destroy them anytime of the day! When I've beaten Gaijin and Bacon, I will go on to become a champion within 6 matches. Only just missing another rookie's reign, Cameron Westports. Then, after my extremely long reign, I wil eventually lose the championship to a worthy opponent and then I will beat the World Champion to become the best I possibly can be. And as for 420, Pah! I beat them within a couple of minutes! I can destroy them anytime of the day!

Interviewer: Ok then, big goals for The Dark One! Big goals...

[Tom stands up vigourously and raises his voice, almost to a shout.]

Tom Black: What?! Do you think I can't achieve those goals?!

[The Interviewer whimpers into the corner.]

Interviewer: Tom... Tom?

[Tom Black walks up to the interviewer, intimidatingly towering above the opponent.]

Tom Black: I said, do you think I can't achieve those goals?!

[The Interviewer continues to crawl into the corner.]

Interviewer: Buh, buh, buh, buh    

[As Tom Black closes in on the celebrity, the security team suddenly run in to protect their boss, as Black takes a hook at the interviewer's face. suddenly, the show comes off air and goes straight to the adverts for Morrisons.]

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