International Stop

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On Mon, Oct09, 2017 12:15pm America/Phoenix
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International Stop
[ The segment starts with Fill watching a replay of Xavier Pendragon's last match, just as it's ending. He turns the television off the moment Bob Melon taps out. He pauses for a moment before looking amazed at the camera ]

Fill: Not bad, definitely not bad. Can't say Bob is one of the luckiest fellas in WWX at the moment. I've got a say this though, Xavier isn't an easy opponent. When I look back at my first impressions of him, I was interested in facing him practically since I started working in WWX. He was one of the few multi champions still on the roster around the start of 2013 and I really needed to make an impression. By the time I got to face him, I had already won my first major title - the International Championship. I was so happy to finally get to face him, and considering the how great I felt as champion, I wasn't planning on letting him win. I did exactly what I needed to do and won, proving to myself that I can beat any champion, no matter how many titles he had won in the past.

[ Fill throws the remote on the couch and gets up as he continues explaining ]

Fill: That was back then. Through all that time that came and went, Xavier is still here and even managed to increase his title numbers thanks to the Tag Team titles, but even with the year and a half that I was gone, before and after that pause, I was able to make a name for myself as well, winning most of the titles that were active during that time. Right now, both you and I Xavier, we're on the path to the International Championship, but to be honest, I'm happy with the position I'm at. I'm delighted to see that Jester holds that title, and I prefer if it stays that!

[ Fill stops and stares at the camera ]

Fill: As much respect as I have for you, as much as I want to shake your hand for shutting up Bob Melon for now, you're on the wrong path my friend. As long as I'm in the International title division, I'll do whatever I can to stop anyone that attempts to reach Jester, even you. I guess that leaves you with two options Mr.Machine, you can...feel the can learn what happens...when worlds collide.

[ Fill smirks before he finishes his sentence ]

Fill: Or we can add option number three - both!

[ Fade to black ]

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