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[The scene opens to a large open work out area. A midnight black floor lined with Purple Gym mats and various cardio machines and large screen Televisions line the outside walls, encircling the main Weight machines and benches. The place seems to be empty besides WWX World Champion Xander Adams who is dressed in Purple Workout shorts, a tank top and a pair of Purple booties and a weight belt. The other some pretty Blonde in a Black yoga pants and a Pink Leotard like Workout crop top, who clearly looks like a person trainer.]


[The Female Personal Trainer slides some more weight on one of the squating machines for her Client. Then walks over and grabs some more weight and slides it on as well.]


[The WWX Champion moves in Under the Bar as the Personal Trainer locks in the weight.]

Xander: “So it seems the honeymoon is over.”

[Xander laughs.]

Xander: “At Ravage the Tommy Lipton came out and called me yesterday’s garbage.”

[The World Champ reaches up and grabs the bar.]

Xander: “said I didn’t have the balls to compete when he was around.”

[Xander lifts the Weight bar off the machine and holds it in place on his shoulder.]

Xander: “First off, Tea Bag.”

[Xander faces disappears as he squats the weight and then comes back into view. He pauses and begins to speak as he holdings the Weight bar on his shoulders.]

Xander: “You were still bouncing for some One legged Tranny named Cookie in Canada, while I was winning my first WWX Gold. But tell you what, You bring the beer to Fury and I’ll bring the pain.”

[He winks at the last comment. Then moves out of view squatting the weight again.]

Female: “Nice Form.”

[Xander grunts and comes back into view and pauses again.]

Xander: “Because Xanders Adams has never backed down from a challenge before and he ain’t about to start now. You think Duncan has failed the WWX by LETTING, LETTING Xander Adams win the World Series?”

[He begins laughing and then squats the weight again.]

Xander: “He Failed to make sure the rightful Champion holds the belt.”

[Xander sneers and Squats again.]

Xander: “What kind of Mickey Mouse, Socialist Canadian Hell have you turned the WWX into Tommy. You didn’t Greenlight Xander, I think what you mean is, you didn’t get a chance to protect your weak lineup of shitty WWX Stars.”

[Xander moves out of view again and grunts and then rises back into sight.]

Xander: “Duncan didn’t fail shit, he simply let Big Bad Xander Huff and puff and blow your house of cards over, then The little Piggies went WEE WEE WEE all the way home.”

[He begins laughing and places the weight bar back on the rack.]

Xander: “I don’t need to choose if I want to be Champion or Not TOMMY!”

[Xander points to something and snaps his finger.]

Xander: “For better or Worse, I already AM!”

[The Blonde comes into frame and hands him the WWX World Title.]

Xander: “The only thing I need to do, is wait for you to lead your little Piggies to me like, Lambs to the Slaughter. Starting with that Lone Whiner, Syndicate.”

[Xander laughs.]

Xander: “At Fury, The Former Outlaw is going to step into the Xander Zone and I'm going to Break him, perhaps his Ankle or a knee, Hell maybe the entire leg as I Twist his lower half into a pretzel. I’m going to Hurt him so Bad, not even that Fe-Fi-Fo-FUM looking Dumb-Tastee Freeze looking *BEEP*er FROST can slam his Fat hand down on the mat, counting to a Million and Syndicate won’t be able to kick out.”

[The WWX slides the World Title over his Shoulder with a Grin.]

Xander: “Because like it or not, For better or worse, Respectful or not.  Tommy “You got No balls” Lipton and Sydney “I’ll DO anything for LOVE” Irvine are NOT the WWX WORLD CHAMPION, THEY AREN’T THE MAN!”

[Xander pats the World Title with a grin.]

Xander: “That would be me.”

[He winks at the Camera.]

Xander: “So get ready Syndicate, at Fury you’re going to need every ounce, of that Tenacity you claim to have, you’re going to need every bit of that drive, you seem to think you possess. You will have to backup every word, you have ever spewed out of that pretty little mouth of yours. Because as You so Graciously pointed out, I’M NOT TOMMY LIPTON, IM NOT REX or BLADE RICKMAN. No I’m XANDER MO*BEEP*ING ADAMS, WWX HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, I’m a completely different ANIMAL all together.”

[Xander faces grows a little more twisted than normal.]

Xander: “I’m the Beast that’s going to Devour YOU Syndicate, Then the SO CALLED BIGGEST THREAT in the WWX FROST and any other pitiful Soul, That Stuffed Shirt, Canadian Half-Wit Tommy TEABAG, throws out at me in desperation, in his attempt to REMAIN RELEVANT.”

[Xander suddenly tosses the World Title to the floor.]


[He places one foot on the World Title.]

Xander: “Take it if you can.”

[Xander looks down at the World Title.]

Xander: “But when you fail and YOU will FAIL!”

[Xander laughs.]

Xander: “Because it is the MAN who make the TITLE.”

[He puts a little more of his weight on the World Title.]

Xander: “Not the TITLE that makes the MAN, Your nothing but a junkie loser without his fix, Like some Crack head you will rob, lie and steal anything you can for your next chance to hit that pipe. But the jig is up Syndicate, there ain’t no more DVD players or VCRs to Steal you’ve hit rock bottom and at Fury, Xander Adams is going to send you for a little Rehab at the bottom of the rankings.”

[Xander reaches down and picks the WWX Titles up.]

Xander: “I'm the Intervention the WWX Fans needed, they wanted. To finally clean up your act.”

[Xander smiles at the camera.]

Xander: “The SHOW marched on long before Syndicate decided he was the Face of the WWX and will long after Syndicate and his pathetic Legacy vanishes from the WWX history books.”

[The WWX Champion then turns and marches off weaving between different machines, leaving the Blonde Personal Trainer and the Camera to fade to Darkness while he exits the Gym.]

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