Into the Breech once more

Roleplay Roleplay by KAILEE
On Wed, Jul26, 2017 7:05pm America/Phoenix
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Into the Breech once more
Camera pans around, focusing on a figure which is sitting in the middle of a dance studio. The music is down low but strains of the waltz of the flowers from sleeping beauty can be heard.]

Cameraman: Kailee, what do you think of your chances of winning the Elimination Fatal Six Way on Fury?

Kailee: My chance... slim to none, but thats par the course. Thats not to say I won't try. Im up against quite a few good wrestlers after

Cameraman: do you have any stratagies going into the match? 

Kailee: [sighs deeply then takes a drink of water.] To many plans... I mean how do you deal with people that range from 150 pounds to 310 pounds.  I will need a miracle to even survive the match.

[She sighs then smirks] or make a deal with the devil. 

[She stands up and streches before shooing the cameraman away]  if you exuse me I need to practise for a bit. 

[The camera fades to dark as Kailee spins in a double pirouette]

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