Into the night

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On Wed, Oct11, 2017 1:23pm America/Phoenix
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Into the night
[The scene opens up on an open highway with a bridge covering over it. Unsure of the location, it appears to be night time as the night life is more than active. Lights flashing everywhere, cars flying by, and on the bridge a silhouette is made out of someone. The camera slowly pans in as the person looks out over a small river bed. The camera comes in behind him revealing the man wearing a black hoodie and cut off jeans. He rolls the hood back as the black hair of Rayne can be seen. Keeping his back turned he begins speaking].

Rayne: Appear, get hurt, repeat. Appear, get hurt, repeat. That seems to be the story of most of us here anymore. We have been doing this so long our bodies continue to show us that we aren't made of what we used to be. We aren't in the shape that we used to be. As im sure most of you remember, and I will never forget, I was left bloodied and battered at the hands of Blayde Archer. I was strapped to a cross, MY CROSS, and sent above to show that the better man had won that night. And honestly...he did. The better man...won that night. 

[Rayne pushes himself up as he slowly walks down the cement sidewalk].

Rayne: You see, I needed some time to figure out who I truly was. The silent assassin, the anti hero, the savior, all of which were blended together inside a man that didn't have a full direction. I waited for the right time to reappear, and when I got the call from my brother, and I use that term very heavily, brother, Fill, I knew the time had come. He told me that the gang was getting back together, we were going to take on everyone in the blade club, take them out, much like we had done time before. Most of the newcomers wouldn't remember the battles that we had, and we don't expect them to. We expect them to remember what comes ahead. 

[Rayne continues down kicking small rocks as he goes].

Rayne: I have been to the top of the mountain. I have tasted that glory, know what it feels like to be there. However, when I decided that I needed to redefine the man, I also needed to redefine the career. There are some that have questioned my tactics, asking if im in the right state of mind. To go to the television division, generally considered the start to become something bigger, was something that weighed heavily in my mind. However, that whole division has changed. You actually have some quality talent that is looking for a shot, a chance, to prove their worth. The champion, Hex Girl, is someone that I have wrestled beside, not against though, and respect heavily. Some of the contendors are names that have been in WWX for awhile, giving prestige to a belt that didn't have it for quite some time. So when you ask if I made the right decision, I am going to answer that question every time with a firm...yes. 

[He stops and looks around as cars continue to fly by. Lost in thought, he continues speaking].

Rayne: A lot of people I have come into contact with asked me how I felt looking at my stable mates successes. Korath winning world series, Jester winning the International Title last week, Fill on his own, and then theres me. Just trying to resurface. Didn't compete in world series. Didn't come onto last weeks fury. Well, I am more than proud of all of them. Each and every one of us have no reason to be jealous of the other. We have all had our successes, our glories, and continue to grow as a whole. I know that I said a huge amount of things in regards to Fill, but now you all know that even you can be played. Manipulation is my game, and I have achieved the rank of grand master. 

[Rayne reaches into his pocket pulling out a bottle of water and taking a large sip. He looks ahead as he continues].

Rayne: I was contacted by Bourne and told that I had the opportunity to get the chance to become number one contender for the Television Championship. Most of you know that I had defeated that Neidhart guy or whatever his name was for my spot in the rankings, and after I disappeared for a bit, was told that I was going to be removed. Since, I have had a spot placed back in and was told of this match against all the other competitors to realign the TV division. Of course I gracefully accepted it. I need this. 

[Rayne stops and looks up into the sky as he continues speaking].

Rayne: I have to work harder and get right to become the top shelf talent that I intend to return to. It starts with Fury. Luke Jairus, who came in with so much promise. Kailee who has been a household name for awhile and looks to continue, and finally Beatrice, who had one of the most brutal matches for that very championship that I have ever seen. All three of these competitors have to step into the ring with me and show that they have the same heart...same PASSION that I am bringing to the table. I could go on for hours about the different ways I intend to make this night mine but whats the point?! The fact of the matter comes down to this. In just a few short days, I make my return to the ring once more to show the passion that has drove me to where I am. I show the world that I still have it, that im still the IT factor that I once was, and capture the number one contendership for that championship that I am looking ahead to. Say what you will, but none of you are going to overtake me this time. I will go to whatever means necessary to ensure that. Jairus, Kailee, and Beatrice, the three of you have been put on notice. The rayne is coming...and its going to come onto you. At the end of all of this the three of you can look up, fall to your knees, and say...I felt it. 

[Rayne walks down the road and into the night as the camera fades to black].

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