Involving Mayhem

OOC Message by rayne
On Sun, Jun18, 2017 10:58pm America/Phoenix
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Involving Mayhem
Hey everyone, 

I want to take the time to thank you all for doing what you did for mayhem. This week was an awesome week with all of your roleplays and Matt and I are working on the show. With that being said, I am trying to make sure that this one is over the top due to the work that was put in so I ask that you bear with us for the results. I hope to have the whole show posted by tomorrow night at the latest but will update if it will take longer. Once again thank you for all that you all are doing and we hope that you enjoy the next edition of Mayhem upon its arrival. 



Awesome, super excited to read it! :) ~ MegaPete

So you are posting the shows now? ~ Blade

I was just helping out while Adams was on vacation. He still does the judging and helps with writing I just assisted him. ~ rayne

That's cool good stuff on the match write ups so far keep up the good work ~ Blade

excited for the lineup ~ Legend27

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