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Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN PRICE
On Sat, Jan13, 2018 12:18am America/Phoenix
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Issuing Corrections
[We open on a scene of Damian Price. He is sitting in what appears to be a locker room within Price Family Gym. His head is hanging down as his eyes are glued to his phone. He is not scrolling, but a proper angle shows us he is looking at a photo of Lydia Rose, his former girlfriend and manager. There is noise heard from outside the room, what appears to be weights being thrown around. We hear a voice outside the door, seemingly ending a phone call before the door opens to reveal Penelope Creed. He looks up from hanging up her phone and notices Damian.]

Creed: Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you all day. What the hell is going on with you? You're training partner is waiting outside....

[Creed trails off as she realizes that Damian has not looked up from his phone. An astonished look crosses her face as she comes closer, catching a look at his phone.]

Creed: What are you looking at? Oh, this sh*t again? See, that's your problem. She's so stuck in your head that you're barely showing up for your matches lately.

[Price is still blatantly ignoring his manager as he begins scrolling through his phone. A shocked look comes across his face as Creed reaches down and grabs his phone, tossing it across the room.]

Price: What the hell?-

Creed: Get her the f*ck out of your head. Get your head in the f*cking game. Because I don't know if you noticed, but you've lost the last few matches you've been in. You lost to some reporter in a one on one match, and then you lost to him again in a battle royal to become the number one contender for the TV Title.

Price: Listen, I get what you're saying. But the heart wants what the heart wants-

Creed: Yeah, I get that. Except she sure as hell didn't want you. Do you remember what happened when you got hurt? And she left you? You remember how she said you've never come back, and you'd never amount to anything?

Price: I get it, Penny.

Creed: You know, I don't think you do. Because right now, you seem to be on a mission to prove her right. And you might not remember, but I know you're better than that.

Price: I am. Look, I'll go out there this week and beat Gunnar. Will that shut you up?

Creed: Honestly, not anymore. Winning isn't good enough anymore, Damian. You need to prove a point with this one. You need to destroy this guy. You and he have a history outside of this company, and I think it's time you proved a point. Go out there and prove to someone other than yourself that you're as good as you say you are. Get her the hell out of your head and actually show up for this match. Maybe then I'll believe you've got your head in the game. And you can start by going out there and getting in the ring with your training partner. Guy flew out from New York to train with you, it's the least you could do.

Price: Fine, fine. I'll go.

[With that, Damian stands up, glances over to his fallen phone, and stalks out of the room. Creed soon follows.]

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