It Is Coming

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Mon, Dec11, 2017 11:08pm America/Phoenix
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It Is Coming
The scene pans to a studio room with a single spotlight. Rex McAllister is already present. Rex is wearing a plain black t-shirt with blue jeans and white tennis shoes. He sits on a stool looking downward at the ground. It's in this moment as the camera pans in closer that Rex brings his head up to face the camera. Rex leans forward some as he re-positions himself in the seat. Finally Rex is ready to speak.

Rex McAllister: I love this setting. I love the quietness, the seclusion. It's always given me a chance to unwind and alleviate my thoughts of things comprising of the normal everyday trials that this business has to offer. However, sometimes all it takes is the setting by itself that allows you to say what you need to say with the right type of conciseness that gets your point across properly, and can take a few people by surprise in doing so.

Rex ponders a second before continuing. 

Rex McAllister: I've made a career out of chopping guys down to size, just like you, Tommy. It's not a matter of if anymore. Hypotheticals, there's no place for them when your pursuing something, Tommy. It's a matter of when. When I show up in that ring. When I have you down. When I make you submit. When I have defeated you again. There is nothing else.

Rex pauses, before continuing.

Rex McAllister: I don't underestimate you just because I know that I'm better than you, but also because you've given me almost no reason to take you seriously, Tommy. It's almost quite sad, really. How I'm just able to take any instance, any scenario, and like an author writing another book, I can take things anywhere I want, drawing you in with every word that materializes from my thoughts, my actions, and the dictates of all the facts that has made you re-think your very own every step of the way. 

Rex chuckles a bit.

Rex McAllister: I underestimate you, Tommy, because deep down you're questioning things you shouldn't be, you're conflicted. It's shown through your words about it all, the cautiousness, the concerns, and then your actions, they've been questionable at best. You wish to be that obstacle that stands in my way, but I've traveled these terrains before, Tommy, and right now you're so many paces behind. Presently, you've only truly earned one in this whole series, just one just as I have. You still fight with desperation, everything you have done leading into this series following Hall of Pain has been nothing but acts of desperation, trying so hard to seem convincing in those actions and words you speak with, but it's all been dictated by what I do, the things that I say. I'm in control, Tommy, and when, "when" not "if", but when I take all that desperation of yours that comes from having too much pride, showing a lack of awareness of when you're saying things that hold true merit with it, not understanding when you're simply clutching at straws. It will be me that you're looking up at from the canvas as I stare down at you knowing what deep down you will come to realize in that same moment.

Rex simply stares ahead deadpanned for a brief moment.

Rex McAllister: Two wins away, one win away...

Rex snaps his fingers.

Rex McAllister: Winner takes all. It can all come to an end...just like that. It works both ways, but it's as I've already said. You've dictated nothing during this short period since Hall of Pain. My initial words to you, I spoke of my generosity after "GIVING YOU" that first match! So you decided to let your pride do the talking through your actions by interfering in my match that night. I dictated that. When you've felt some sort of need to hold up your very own Tommy Lipton Legends Merit Badge to remind everyone that indeed you're a certified Legend, when it's hardly even necessary? Again, I've dictated all of that! It's your desperation, Tommy, that's going to get you hurt, perhaps worse. 

A smirk grows upon Rex as he thinks about that last line.

Rex McAllister: My victory this past Friday, I can assure it was more, so much more than you've perceived it to be, Tommy, something that will be proven in due time. The dam burst wide open on Ravage, and now the floodgates have opened. While I know for certain it will not make you run for the hills, they surely will keep coming just as I will be while you stand there and fight until the bitter end before it all swallows you whole. Why? Because YOU underestimated them, allowing simple numbers to cloud your judgement, breeding complacency when you've never had a complete grasp of it all in the first place. On Ravage, Tommy, not only will I beat you again, but I'll humiliate you once again in front everyone who loves and adores you, and that? That will feel so much better than the victory itself.

Rex smirks again, then ponders the thought.

Rex McAllister: I guarantee it. Now that...was...rexcellent.

Rex then rises from his seat and walks directly up to the standstill camera, grabs the cover and places it over the lens.


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