It Will All Be Over Soon

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Mon, Apr23, 2018 8:22pm America/Phoenix
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It Will All Be Over Soon
The scene pans backstage to the BC Arena in Vancouver. It's a couple of hours before Armada officially kicks off, and several personnel are shown in the shot at first as it slowly shifts from the stagehands moving about setting up shop backstage, the different sets, ect. The main camera cuts to a studio room that has a dimmed lighting to it. Rex McAllister soon slowly strides into the shot donning his wrestling attire. The camera immediately catches his constant gaze straight at it. He then turns his whole body in the direction of the main camera, and slightly grins, but his look is a stoic one. He looks down slightly, appearing to wear a look of disappointment, but then looks straight ahead again as he starts to speak.

Rex McAllister: Despite all that rage you try so hard to hold inside, you're still nothing more to me than another mouse running aimlessly in a maze. Perhaps at times that rage, it can prove to be a useful ally in the heat of a fight, but it also can be deceiving. It tricks your mind into believing anything, making everything seem possible. The very truth at its core in your futile existence: this yawning emptiness, scantily clad in it. It's been there all along, always standing as your biggest weakness of all. You feel it so strongly, and it's never more clear. Like an ember or a burning acid swallowing up your knotted viscera. Blindness, the kind that leads you to perpetrate unspeakable horrors, going against the grain of everything that you believe in. The blind animal drunkeness unleashed in the jungles of your mind. 

Rex pauses, sighs a bit and then continues.

Rex McAllister: To try and conceal it at this point is just as predictable as it would be to unleash it. You have put on a straight face for as long as you could while your inner Neanderthal splutters, going on a mental rampage, destroying everything in sight in sheer frustration, screaming for my head to be posted on a stick.

That's what throws your emotions into such a flurry the most, isn't it?

Rex slowly shakes his head, but then nods.

Rex McAllister: I know, I understand. You speak on and on in a blind state of insanity about my demise, and the kind of unspeakable pain you wish to inflict upon me, but knowing that I see you for what you really are instead of this big barbaric beast incarnate. It drives you more mad with each passing moment.

To know that I see you as this simple man with a simple goal and a simple way to fight.

Rex McAllister: But even with all of your numerous flaws, I'll give you just one thing: You're amusing. You're as pale and hollow as every other helpless lamb that's climbed this high up on the mountain were before they were slaughtered and unceremoniously thrown right back down to the pits from which they came by the man you see before you. 

Rex stares straight ahead, still with a stoic expression, almost no emotion.

Rex McAllister: You live in a dream world, Korath. A world that's not reality, one that you enhance to satisfy your ever wandering mind with claims of inflicting unimaginable amounts of brutality upon everyone else previous that perhaps believed they had nothing left to lose, just as you act as though you don't now, and in such dominating fashion you managed to.

But that's not true, is it? 

They did have something left to lose, and you took that all away from them.

Everyone one of them, and you're no different.

Rex pauses once more, staring almost blindly as if in a trance, but still very much aware in the moment.

Rex McAllister: I'd actually fear someone in this world that truly had nothing left to lose. I'd fear it the same way that a child fears the boogeyman. I'd fear it because the sheer idea of it is enough to make my skin craw and send a shiver down my spine. I'd fear it because if there was one thing in this World that could dismantle me, that would be it. Yet, I know deep down that that doesn't exist. It's a myth. It's a story that people tell themselves to try and ease their conscience in the wake of what they know is coming, that they tell others, and have for so very long. 

It's a tale, a lie. 

Rex McAllister: A man can lose so much, and yet, still have plenty left to be taken away. I'll look into your eyes in that ring inside just beyond the gates of hell of the Inferno and know wholeheartedly that I'm indeed looking at someone who does have plenty left to lose. I see a man, now, that has so very much more that he has yet to sacrifice. Sheer determination combined with rage to go with effort means nothing in the face of something that's out of your league, and that is precisely what I am. I'm the wall you won't get through. 

Rex slightly chuckles, and then sighs a bit as he shakes his head in noticeable disappointment.

Rex McAllister: It almost amuses me beyond words - watching as you make your way towards me. Towards fate. Towards futility. The beads of sweat forming on your forehead and the tiniest bit of doubt in your fiery eyes as you realize you come too far to turn back now. The bridges behind you have been burned to the point of no return, long gone.

Rex looks on sinisterly into the camera as he grins.

Rex McAllister: There will be no divine forces of intervention in this world you will be welcomed into. Can't you feel it? The flames licking at you as you continue to march this way, can't you feel as they're slowly burning away everything you've accumulated up until now? Scorching your Earth in every way imaginable? All those adoring fans, the allies you've made, and the things you've achieved - burning away until they're no more than ash in the wind, as if they never existed. All because of you. 

You and your honor.

The hill you've come to fight on.

The hill you will die on.

Rex pauses again, letting those words take a moment to sink in.

Rex McAllister: You will live to fight another day, Korath, but you will no longer be the man you thought yourself to be, the one you believe you are now. You will never be that again, you can't get that back. You will spend the rest of your days locked away in your own mental prison, mutilating yourself for the things you could have avoided if you had chosen more intelligently, more wisely as you traveled this path when it mattered most. I have no sympathy for you. I have no reason to give you what you clearly desire at Armada. I have nothing for you. But take comfort in knowing that you have willed what you wanted. 

The man that had nothing to lose - that never existed.

When this is said and done, it will be as though you too never existed.

Not as a never-was.

Not as an afterthought.


Rex looks down for a long moment before bringing his head back up. He smirks slightly, before finishing.

See you soon.

Rex begins to turn away from the camera to slowly walk out of the shot from which he came as the scene slowly fades to black.


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