It's a Hard Maze to Get the Gold

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Wed, Dec13, 2017 10:14am America/Phoenix
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It's a Hard Maze to Get the Gold
[The screen opens to Black in a maze. It is almost pitch black but you can make his silhouette out. The lights suddenly switch on and Black turns around to face the camera.] 

Black: Good evening WWX, I am here to discuss Bob Mellon's latest words, he said he wasn't scared, he said I was nothing, nobody. But I'm here to put this to rest... 

[A rather large man comes around the corner. He takes one look at Tom and steps back and runs back into the maze.] 

Black: See... I can't make any friends anymore because everyone just runs away! Mellon, I thought you said I was nothing, not scary? Anyway, I'm looking for the centre right now... 

[He walks around for a bit with the camera trailing behind him. He stops at a 4 way path. The signs on it say "This way to the centre" or "This way to an obstacle leading to the centre. Tom turns around to the cameraman] 

Black: Seems a bit fishy doesnít it... Hmm. While I decide where to go I'll talk to you about our match quickly. Mellon, tell yourself this, does your arrogance really blind you that much that you make an open challenge, where anyone, Including The Dark One, can join? Are you so arrogant that you would say I'm nothing? Honestly, when it comes to it, you will pay for it because when you're overconfident against Tom Black, you pay. And as for Blaze, he beat me once because I wanted him in the match to make the focus not just on me. You can't brag that you'll beat me because he did. You can't "tell me off", that should stay in the ring. 

[Tom twitches his neck and looks at the sign.] 

Black: You know what Mellon, to get to the top you have to work hard. You don't just say "ooh, I'm a legend, I've held countless titles!", because thatís just not how it works. For starters, I've been busting my ass of in my gym, while you and your bestie Hex Girl gossip about me on that social media service, WWX Heat. If you really want to keep the gold you have to work for it, and no, texting with your fingers doesnít count either. 

[He looks away from the camera and signals for the cameraman to follow him. They go to the obstacle course road. There are many walls you have to vault over to get to the middle. You can just see a chest of gold on the other side.] 

Black: Ha! I knew this was worth it! There it is, the gold! Right, before we get through this pathetic course, I will talk about Mellon again. Actually, Mellon, you know what I think? I think YOU'RE scarred of me. Yes, I said it. After all the things you've said, all the insults you've made to my persona have made you look even more scared of me than before! You're trying to act all hard with that little title of yours to avoid showing your true colours. You are scared to step into the ring with me and fight because you know I will take the gold from you. In fact, even if I don't beat you on Saturday there's still Holiday Hell! You know, some way or another, that you will lose your championship to me. You've SAID some things about me, but you haven't been able to prove those things that you've said. And come Holiday Hell, we'll see how has bragging rights at the end of it all. 

[You can see that he's starting to get very excited about the title as his voice is becoming more raised and he's pacing around and occasionally pointing to the camera to signify that he's talking to Bob Mellon.] 

Black: You can be called a legend, you can be called 'The Beast'. I don't care because you know what? I AM THE DARK ONE AND YOU ARE NOT! 

[He starts to really get angry before he starts to try and rip apart the hedges until he calms himself down then turns to see the camera. HE's mostly OK now but he is still violently twitching.] 

Black: Damnit Mellon! You just can't keep your title, because when I'm coming for you, you've gotta watch out. Because you never know when Tom Black will strike. That's the issue. Yeah, you beat Jester and a few others since your return but so what. If you are able to beat the Dark One one on one, you certainly have made it and I will respect for you. But for now, I'm focused on you being in pain. Goodbye, I have some gold to take. 

[Tom runs at the first wall before the screen fades to black] 

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