Its A Long Way To The Top...

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Thu, Oct26, 2017 5:31am America/Phoenix
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Its A Long Way To The Top...
*The familiar sounds of "A Cut Above" by Avery Watts comes into play...*

"Here's What It Looks Like (looks like)
Being The Best
What it looks like, to be a cut above the rest

Nobody understands what it takes to be the man
Having every single person say you can't when you can

To give up everything you've ever known for a dream
And never stop the fight no matter how hard it seems

You sacrifice, you bleed, you sweat, and you cry
Doing everything you can not to lay down and die

When you fall and you call out, there's no one to help
So you've got no other option but to pick up yourself

At the end of the battle you're the only one standing
Everyone watching, the stage you're commanding

The pages of history will speak of today

And when they talk about the champion
This is what they'll say

Here's what it looks like (looks like)
Being the best
What it looks like, to be a cut above the rest....

*The song continues but now Krimzon Blaze is singing the rest of it..*

KB & Song: People will break you right down to nothing if you let 'em
They'll say, "There's a million others like you, what makes you better?"

But remember that these folks are afraid of the unknown
They're the ones who wet the bed if they go 10 miles from home

Stay Down: Is what they scream in your ear
The only weapon that they have to use is fear

So you take all the beatings and you take all the hits,
But your back on your feet for more, you don't quit

You'll never back down, never stop, never pause
Never give up, never sacrifice the cause

This is your life, you gonna let somebody take it?
Look in the mirror That's all you need to make it

Here's what it looks like (Looks like) 
Being the best
What it looks like, to be a cut above the rest

The smoke has all cleared, and you own the throne

You're king of the castle, and everybody knows

They bow in your presence, and fear your might

Cause they know for damn sure what it, what it

Here's what it looks like (Looks like) 

Being the best
What it looks like, to be a cut above the rest!!!

*The song ends, and only Krimzon Blaze is seen standing with a microphone.*

KB: To everyone involved inside the Race For The Case Chamber Match, It's a long way to the top of this industry.

You have the pretentious misfits like Super Bacon who don't even belong in this hellish structure that will cause bodily harm to those who walk within it's domain.

Super Bacon... No amount of super hero sleuthing or words of wisdom will have you walking out of this Chamber Match unscathed or even for that matter, ALIVE.

Kurtis Ray - Former World Champion, who decided to come back and be an upstanding citizen of the people when not that long ago you took it upon yourself to involuntarily quit because "life was hard so I took my ball and went home". 

Now look at you.

Why are you even involved in this match either? Because that Case is your ticket back into the World Title Hunt isn't it? Well, if _I_ wasn't involved in this match, you'd probably be the next person to walk with it.

Xavier Pendragon - Someone I do actually respect, besides Rayne. The only guy whose only had what, 1 Title Shot and hasn't been the same since? Look Xavier, I'll give you credit where its due, but you'd best be avoiding me at any and all costs when it comes to the Case.

Jake Divine - The man who really wants to take his ball and go home because he got screwed over at World Series... Gee, that _REALLY_ rings a bell doesn't it Jake? You took me out at World Series, thwarting my advances towards the Ladder Match and effectively put me lower on the World Rankings... 


Gee, looks like I'll have to be the one to take my pound of flesh and revenge off of your hide when I see you inside the Chamber.

And last but certainly not least - Rayne.

Ah Rayne...

The guy who approached me to join When Worlds Collide as a secret member to rid the world of the Cory Maddsons and whomever else stood in your way... I declined the offer but thanked you for the offer, and now your standing there _ACTUALLY_ wanting to face me man to man inside this structure knowing full well that at any point in time you think you could win?! 

Please Rayne... Don't make me laugh. I've known you and your band of misfit toys like Fill, Korath, and The Jester long enough to know that you claim you want to get your hands on me and actually wrestle? Like I said, don't make me laugh.

Gentlemen... At Hall of Pain, I will earn that precious Race For The Case, and then hold it for an unknown period of time making the World Champion turn his every corner and without warning, strike while the iron is hot and become the _NEXT_ 5 Time Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion!!!!

*KB drops the microphone as "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central hits the airwaves as the scene slowly fades to black.*

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