Its A New Found Glory Paved In Gold

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Sat, Jul08, 2017 3:47am America/Phoenix
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Its A New Found Glory Paved In Gold
[Syndicate's latest promo is going on from a screen, as Krimzon Blaze is watching from the comfort of his home in Detroit.]

*KB notices the camera recording, as he holds up a glass of what appears to be water.*

KB: A toast.

To you Syndicate.

*KB takes a sip*

KB: The final words from a benevolent Champion of WWX.

Notice though how I said final.

*KB's smile goes away in an instant into serious*

KB: Because come Mayhem Syn, neither you or Cameron will be walking out of it as World Champion so long as I'm involved.

So I watched your promo.. Riveting work.

I do agree though that Cameron has been a little absent since he decided to verbally attack me with harshness in his breath, but that hasn't deterred me from the REAL objective in our match Syndicate.

None the less though, _NOBODY_ is walking out of Mayhem with the Undisputed Championship, because _I_ will be.

*KB smirks for a brief moment*

KB: I will be bringing in World Championship number 5 to my already legendary status, and I will spare no expense in ripping you both apart before the Mayhem audience.

I'm not afraid to go hardcore at all Syn.

I am a former Triple A Champion, a championship that hasn't been seen in quite some time now, but regardless of that fact, it still is one of THE most prestigious titles that has ever been or will ever continue to be in WWX.

*KB looks behind him as he takes a quick glance at the Triple A Championship*

KB: It's a new found glory paved in gold for me at the end of this saga Syndicate.

I love this notion though that you believe I'm only here Part Time, when in fact I've even stated I'm back for good upon my return.

I am a purist, in every sense of the word Syn.

And as such, a purist can go hardcore every once in awhile, and knowing full well that your bringing a black bat to the match...

*KB then brings up out of the cameras lens a truly horrifying site*

KB: I'd like to introduce you to my newest creation that I plan on debuting in our match... Barbie.

It's a reinforced steel bat complete with barbed wire attached to its every fold, every nook, and every cranny that's built into it is nestled with barbed wire, and I've only ever had to bring her out only a few times in my illustrious career...

Ask sPeD Eastin.
Ask Lost Soul.

Ask anyone whose dared defied my very well being and not only has attacked me personally, but brought the FANS into it...

I'm kinda disappointed in you Syndicate, really, I am.

Because I'm going to be making you just another victim to Barbie, and Cameron will suffer the same fate as you too.


*KB stands up, Barbie leaning down beside him*

KB: The time for talk is over, and the time for fighting is now.

I will walk out of Mayhem as not only the Punisher, but I will be walking out of Mayhem WWX's brand spanking new 5-time WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion!!!!!!!

*KB then leaves without saying another word as the camera slowly fades to black.*

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