It's Already Been Written

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Jun30, 2017 11:14pm America/Phoenix
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It's Already Been Written
The scene pans to the backstage area at Mayhem in Louisville. Standing in front of a WWX banner in a dark room, Rex McAllister stands there in his regular ring attire looking off into the distance. His eyes are filled with reflection and he paces with one half of the tag team championships draped over his left shoulder. With a tiny smirk on his face, Rex looks down at the floor for a second, clicking it a few times with his boot as if to use the noise to snap himself out of some kind of haze. It's just a few clicks and it's just Rex in this empty room. As he stops clicking his boot on the floor, Rex stares at it in his hands now, speaking in a very calm and composed manner. His voice is steady and there's nary a hint of a raised inflection in his tone.

Rex McAllister: It would seem it's that time again. The time when the odds are seemingly against us, one where the rules must be changed. 

Rex still calm, looks back at the floor still slowing pacing in the direction of the camera. He looks up at the camera with the smirk on his face and then pulls out a handkerchief from the top pocket. He holds it up to show that one side is black and flips it over to show that the other side is white. He holds it up and then offers a rather laid back shrug, smirking as he does so.

Rex McAllister: Two choices.... purely black and white! The reality of the situation has changed, and things are about to heat up!

Rex stuffs it back into his tights and goes back on the verbal offensive, his words back to calm and composed but his eyes staring directly ahead into the camera.

Rex McAllister: You see, divine force or not, it's about time you be shown the ignorance of your ways, through yet further trial and error. I mean honestly, He who has written your life, Polaris, as carelessly as you live it, then adhasdh asdglaseuyt[bn[ pasdlgkhasdfasdf. That's it. All of your vague rambling means nothing to this tandem. You've beaten nobody that matters to us, except yourselves of course, and that appears to be not so difficult to do.

Rex pauses and lets the thought linger. He lets out a slight sigh and then comtinues to speak, 

Rex McAllister: If there’s anything more I hate than listening to the small talk, it’s listening as every last one of them shamelessly stumble on their words as they do. You and your little band of dysfunctional blowhards have proven nothing lately, not to this tandem, not to the entirety of the WWX locker room. 

Rex pauses a second to ponder his thoughts and precious words spoken. After a few seconds, a very confident Rex looks toward finishing things up as he speaks.

Rex McAllister: The words you have spoken this week belie the true value of your worth. There is certainly great potential within both you and your comrades, oh yeah, but see it's those words that constantly bring that value down, and make your worth mean little to nothing to us. 

Rex McAllister: Words can be the most powerful drug used by mankind. Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly -- they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced. You can make petty vows to destroy us when nobody else prior has even come close, you can claim foolishly that our reign lacks of glory and divine right to speak down, but what choice do we have when you can barely make any of the words you speak in the name of your purpose stand up properly?

Rex looks on straight ahead with a questioning expression for a second before continuing. 

Rex McAllister: Regardless of what the odds are, what adjustments you make out in that ring, it won't be enough. The Lipton - McAllister tandem will overcome yet another challenge in light of your undeserving right to be here. You didn't have your shit straight the first time, and this time you're barely even on the same page enough to function against the most formidable tag unit you've faced in your entire careers. When we run over and through you once again, the next thing you need to do is branch out on your own, find your own purpose as individuals and evolve. Until you actually do that, you'll never really figure out what you're truly made of. This coming Mayhem the Lipton - McAllister tandem will show each of you what a real evolution looks like, and in the process open your eyes to something you can't change this week, and that's fate, something that's already been written. Now that was...Rexcellent! 

Rex looks away and then downward and back straight toward the camera before slowly leaving the shot as the scene slowly fades.


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