It's Inevitable

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Sat, May12, 2018 5:49am America/Phoenix
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It's Inevitable
The scene opens to a room, the camera slowly rotates the shot to show various parts of the room such as a shower, a sink, a locker, a bench, and lastly a television monitor. It's playing. Panning in closer it's easily made out and clear. It's Syndicate speaking. It's the end of his video.

Syndicate: The way you speak in your videos, Rex, makes you seem like you own this place.  Like you're Thanos with the complete Infinity Gauntlet, ready to wipe out half the universe's population with just a snap of your fingers.  You can say that you've got this master plan to win the World title and take over the WWX, but every plan can backfire.  I have been sitting atop this company for years now, and that's not gonna change just because you want a turn.  I've taken you down time and time again, and whether it's this week on Ravage or in a steel cage at Bloodshed, I know I can take you down one more time.

*Rounding the corner once more, he reaches Father Duffy Square, where the ring will be set up for Ravage.  The famous statue of Father Duffy stands in front of the TKTS grandstands that will be filled to the brim with the WWX faithful soon enough.*

Syndicate: So you can keep on pushin' on, Rex.  Keep on pursuing your goal.  But as long as I'm still at the pinnacle of this sport - and trust me, I'm going to be there for a long damn time - then your "advances" aren't going to mean shit. the Syndicate.

*Syndicate, looking up at the bright billboards of Times Square, walks off as static covers the screen once more.*


The television monitor ends with nothing but static. The television monitor then is shown going off, and then a remote being gently placed on a nearby table. Then finally, Rex McAllister. Rex stares hard, but his demeanor is one of calm, tranquility. He's thinking. His arms criss-crossed over his chest. He's in his full ring attire. He then begins to speak, still staring hard in the direction of the t.v. monitor.

Rex McAllister: What goes up...must come down. 

Rex now slowly directs his attention toward the camera. Rex's cold stare says it all. He's feeling very much in a mode he's gotten very use to in recent months, one that he takes his opponents to with every bit of pain he has put them through. One that says he is the master in his domain.

Rex McAllister: I wonder how many times you've wondered if today would be the day. How many times you've looked over your shoulder in sheer paranoia. How many times you've accepted that you will be hurt, and yet, nothing. You've spent so long fighting men that are all the same in every way. They all wanted something from you, but did they 'YOU'? Did they want to hurt you for their own ambitions?

Rex pauses, looks down, sighs a bit.

Rex McAllister: You've been on top for years? I lost my spot at the top not even two years ago. You shouldn't lie in front of these cameras. You came into this world a naive little child with dreams of grandeur, one that's created quite the visage of someone whose arrogance has no boundaries, and has dominated in an watered down era that's ruining this Federation more than you even realize. You believe this all belongs to you?

Rex gestures toward the monitor.

Rex McAllister: You can echo the sounds that mimic the sheep, but that is something that can be easily silenced and thrown away after a simple sweep. What you've stated, declared, promised? Many before have lost their thrones, which is why you are even able to sit upon yours at this time. All throughout the history, all the greats. They all fell, be it injury, be it finally submitting to the ravages of time, or.....because someone was able to destroy all that they had built through the very ambitions that they once had.

Rex stares stoically.

Rex McAllister: You're no different, and all it takes is one mistake, one opening, one moment where you miss....miss your chance to finish. Miss your chance to be able to defend everything that makes 'YOU'

Rest assured, I will find it, and I will end you.

Rex McAllister: Words mean absolutely nothing when it comes to someone like you. They go in one ear and out the other. You throw them away like trash and try to hide yourself, your weaknesses, under the mishaps of your enemies. Failing to realize the weak flimsy armor you yourself possess. You are every ounce of as pathetic as they come, no matter if you possess six world title reigns or a hundred. You're flawed in every way, and you haven't an inkling of an idea as to how to fix yourself. That's alright. Don't bother. It's too late for you anyway. I will be more than happy to set yet another example of just how susceptible you are to someone like me that knows this game better than anyone.

Rex chuckles slightly.

Rex McAllister: You had chances to change, and you simply didn't.

Make no mistake, I'm unlike anyone you've ever had coming for your head.

Rex McAllister: You'll regret having thought otherwise on Ravage. You will regret it more than anything else in your existence. You have comfort in believing nothing is on the line here, and yet you will find out different when you are rising up from the canvas, battered, bruised, bloodied as you watch me walk away having destroyed everything that makes 'YOU'

You have my word on that.

See you soon.

Rex walks immediately from the shot as the scene slowly fades.


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