It's Not Unusual

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Fri, Jun09, 2017 6:55pm America/Phoenix
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It's Not Unusual

*The screen is filled with white noise and static before showing an image of the locker room area of the Superdome.  Here, there is only one man present as he unpacks his belongings into a private room.  This man is Syndicate, who is wearing a black hoodie, white t-shirt, and blue jeans.  His hood is over his head, barely concealing his white Beats Studio headphones and golden hair.  Syndicate is facing away from the camera as he takes various items out of his black duffel bag.  These items range from a stick of Old Spice deodorant to his white leather jacket and the World Heavyweight Championship belt.  He seems to be murmuring the lyrics to a song under his breath.*

Syndicate: It's not unusual to be loved by's not unusual to have fun with anyone...

*After his bag is emptied, he puts the bag into his locker and turns around to face the camera.  He has a slight smile on his face.*

Syndicate: Let me tell you, as a WWX wrestler and your Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, there's no better sight to see than when your opponent's video is corrupted, ESPECIALLY when your opponent is Kurtis Ray.  It's just less time I have to waste pretending to care.  But, no matter, I'll respond to the snippet that was posted online anyway.

Syndicate: The one part that pissed me off the most, Kurtis, was right at the beginning when you say this...

*He begins speaking in a purposefully terrible Kurtis Ray imitation.*

Syndicate: It's nothing I've seen before, and nothing I haven't experienced before from a hundred other guys who thought they were the next big thing.

*Syndicate resumes talking in his normal voice.*

Syndicate: Next big thing, Kurtis?  NEXT big thing?  Are you dense, Kurtis?  Have you been paying attention AT ALL?  I was the next big thing four years ago; right now, I'm at the top of the WWX - no, the top of the WORLD.  That much can be ascertained just by seeing who currently holds the top prize in all of professional wrestling: me.  I don't talk like I am the "next big thing", Kurtis, and I don't wrestle like one either.  I am THE guy, I am THE measuring stick, and I am THE World Heavyweight Champion.  Those other guys that you've faced can't even tie my boots, let alone be compared to the Los Angeles Outlaw.

*He smirks.*

Syndicate: You're so damn predictable, Kurtis.  Every day, you come online and you blab about how I'm good...but not good enough to beat you.  Every damn day I come online, see your pile of shit, and try to form a coherent response in a way that you would understand while drunk, as you normally are.  Why are we doing this, Kurtis?  Why are we still talking?  I, for one, am sick and tired of it, and quite frankly, I want to kick your |BLEEP|ing ass to the curb as soon as possible.

Syndicate: You're right, Kurtis; this talking and "jibberjabber", as you called it, doesn't matter.  To be perfectly honest, the fact that you might earn yourself ANOTHER title shot by winning the Crusade Cup doesn't matter either.  No, what does matter is how much I want to kick your ass in this moment.  I have never, in all my years here in the WWX, wanted to embarrass someone as much as I want to with you.  You said you wanted to break my neck at Outrage...the feeling is mutual.  I want to slam your head into the announce table.  I want to rid you of any last shred of dignity that you might still be clinging to.  I want to EXPOSE you, Kurtis, for the overblown fraud that you are, just like I did at Deadlock.  At Outrage, it's not going to be a battle between brains - me - and braun - you - but rather a war between a proven champion and a doubted challenger.

*Syndicate leans back in his steel chair, smiling.*

Syndicate: I know you, Kurtis, and I know you're scared.  I know you're scared of losing two times in a row to your most hated rival.  I know that you are terrified of losing ANOTHER championship match.  And, most of all, I know you want to avoid being seen as "second banana" as much as possible.  There's only room for one man at the top, Kurtis, and you're looking at that man.  I can't wait to show you why THE MAN is THE CHAMP at Outrage.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate turns back around to his locker and starts humming again.*

Syndicate: But when I see you hanging about with's not unusual to see me cryyyyyyy...I wanna die...

*The shot of Syndicate singing is immediately cut through by static.*


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