It's only begun

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Mon, Mar05, 2018 9:25pm America/Phoenix
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It's only begun
Spafford: We are live from the Manchester United football stadium here in Manchester, England. We and by we I mean the thousands of fans live in audience and the many more watching from home anxiously await Tommy Liptons arrival. 
I am Marisa Spafford and with me is Karl Russel. Karl, what are your thoughts on Tommys performance at Aftershock?

Russel: Well Marisa, Tommy came to the match ready to give it his all and it paid off! For the fans they got to see a classic in the making. Tommy Lipton shut the door on the birds doubting him! 

Spafford: Now Tommy is doing as he promised, a world tour as he properly represents an Undisputed World Championship and it starts here in England!

Russel: He will tour England for a day or two before continuing his World tour.

Spafford: Well one must wonder what Tommy will say... the former champion Xavier Pendragon has called Tommy and Rex a unit that stole his title but come Ravage, James Ranger has seen to it that it will be a one on one match for the strap! 

**Wanna Be Starting Something** By Michael Jackson plays over the speakers and the fans erupt! 
Tommy steps out in a suit and tie with the title around his waste. Following him is Blade in a leather jacket and jeans. 
Blade is holding a microphone. 

Blade Rickman: Live in England!!!!


Blade: From Toronto Ontario Canada, Your reigning defending Undisputed Champion of the Woooorld! TOOOMMMYYYYYYYYY LIIIIIIIIPTOOOOON!!!!

Blade Rickman takes a seat on the steel steps as Tommy enters the ring. 


{{Tommy circles the ring and looks at Blade who now gets up from the steps and joins Tommy in the ring. Blade hands Tommy the Mic.}} 

Tommy: It is good to be here Manchester!! What a 2017 season you guys had in this stadium! Winning the Europa Trophy and a three time title holder of the European Cup! You guys know the meaning of success and again in 2018 you are an impressing club! 

**20 times 20; times Man United
20 times 20 times I say
20 times 20 times Man United
Playing Football The Matt Busby Way!**

{{Tommy smiles as he watches the fans chant for their home team! The fans start a new chant.}}

**Hello! Hello!
We are the busby boys
Hello! Hello!
We are the busby boys
And if you are a City fan surrender or you’ll die,
We all follow United**

Tommy: I love the energy you guys have! 


Tommy: That is the energy that drives anyone to become a champion! That is the energy that filled the Stadium in California! The United States was loud. Canada was loud. You were loud. The World was loud. I heard the chants live during my match! I heard the chants through social media from all you, and the rest of the world! As I was preparing to go out there and become your Champion for the ninth time I heard all of your support! 


Tommy: WOW... 

{{Tommy pulls back and grabs the top of his title belt. He smiles as he stares out towards all the fans inside the arena.}}

Tommy: 6 long years...  6 long years and here I once again stand as your WWX Undisputed Champion. It's undisputed, I am the man... I am the One and Only! 
An Era has returned and I am going to be your Champion for a little while so sit back, relax, and enjoy this ride with yours truly...

{{Blade Rickman requests the Mic... Tommy hesitates but hands it off to him}}

Rickman: Honestly Tommy, United is a 3 time Cup champion, that's okay but....

{{Blade Rickman shrugs}}


{{Tommy holds hits hand up and shakes his head taking back the Mic.}}

Tommy: Manchester United is an impressive team... 

{{Tommy turns to face the crowd}}

Tommy: Manchester United is an impressive team... Am I Right!?


Tommy: Blade we need to work on your people skills. 
Now... James Ranger...

**mixed reaction**

Tommy: James Ranger is the GM who I know all to well and he knows me all to well... James, buddy, I'm here and I ain't going anywhere any time soon. I plan to represent this title strong and remain proud. Xavier cashes in I am ready!  James Ranger knows that I am the man to lead this Federation into the Spring and I will be one hell of a champion who will fight the good hard fight! England, he has not wasted anytime getting his new WWX Undisputed Champion of the World a match. A title defense against the former champion Xavier Pendragon is just the best way to cement my new reign with this belt. 

{{Tommy pats the face plate of the title wrapped around his waist.}}

Tommy: I am a fighting champion and James Ranger knows that so if Xavier wants to cash in on his rematch clause, so be it, if that's what he thinks is best... He best train and get ready, he didn't give himself much time. He doesn't want to fight me, there's no win in it for him...  I welcome this though, it's fine... But Xavier better get ready. 

{{Tommy hands the Mic off to Blade again}}


{{Tommy laughs but then drops the smile and stands tall, firm, his eyes stone cold.}}

Rickman: Tommy Lipton is your Champion and that's not changing on Ravage! Xavier Pendragon is a bitch and my man here ain't gonna put up with his shit! He is gonna get hurt... Tommy has plans to remind this Federation and it's roster just what it is to be a World Champion and that is why this is just his first stop on the Lipton World Championship Tour! 
Next is Egypt and then we head to Canada before defending our Championship on Ravage! 

{{Tommy takes back the Mic... He looks around and then brings the Mic to his face.}}

Tommy: WORLD... I Am Coming! 

***Wanna be Startin Something*** plays as Tommy unclips his belt and climbs the turnbuckle raising it high for the fans to have a photo ops. He then jumps down and exits the ring.

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