Its Show Time At Mayhem

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Wed, Jul05, 2017 11:27pm America/Phoenix
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Its Show Time At Mayhem
[We bring you back to last week's Mayhem, where it was a Triple Threat match with World Title implications as Krimzon or Cameron had to pin Syndicate to win a Title Shot, but unfortunately, the referee of that match had other ideas... You'll see why, now.]



Announcer: The match has been ruled a DRAW!

[The footage ends as it pulls back to Krimzon watching on from his locker-room.]

KB: Is this referee clearly stupid, or did someone literally JUST hire him?

A triple threat match CLEARLY states: No DQs and NO COUNTOUTS.

So this referee just got himself fired for incompetence....

And it somehow leads Cameron and I into a World Title Street Fight Match?

*KB scratches his head*

KB: I honestly don't know where to even begin with a call like this, but at the end of it all, Syndicate is the one who literally got screwed the most here.

A Street Fight between us three?

I mean... I'm not questioning that I have a chance, but going about it THIS way was totally not where I wanted to go in the first place.

My idea was to pin Cameron, and get a 1 on 1 match with Syndicate shortly after he defended his title against Darkness, but low and behold, Mayhem happened and all of that noise.

[KB then looks towards the camera, away from the monitor that was focused on last week's Mayhem.]

KB: Which brings me to a point that needs to be made right here and now.

Cameron Westport.

[KB takes a deep breath, and lets it out slowly.]

KB: You clearly have it in your head that you're obviously better then Syndicate and I... 

What have YOU really done here? I mean, seriously...

You making fun of me is not the way to go about securing yourself a World Title to your "gym buddies", when we both know what kind of "buddies" you REALLY roll with.

*KB smirks*

KB: 4 a.m. Gym Buddies... 

Let me rephrase...

4 in the MORNING "Gym Buddies"...

Come on Cameron..

Who really wakes up at that time to train?

I've done my fair share yes, but I don't need "Gym Buddies" to help me train, I've done it all on my own.

But seriously...

I watched your little "Club" that you and your buddies hung out at, spouting off nonsense about how just one flashy move you pulled off on Syndicate and Myself and now you think your some sort of otherworldly God? Get out of here...

Have you even begun to realize that what you truly ARE going against in this type of environment? 

No, I honestly don't think you even know...

You see Cameron, I _THRIVE_ on matches like this... 

When Bourne announced it, I took it upon myself to bring some footage for both you and Syndicate to watch.


[KB points over and it shows WWX Two Front War many years ago, the match was brutal, where the ending happens with KB knocking Evil sPeD Eastin through a burning ring to win the match.]

KB: I've gone to limits the both of you have NEVER even seen.

So when you tell your "Gym Buddies" Cameron, that when our match happens, you might as well be saying you won't be seeing them anymore because I _WILL_ go to _ANY_ lengths in order to win the WWX Undisputed World Championship.

You disrespecting me was just another notch added to my belt Cameron, and you might be thinking why?

Well, I'll tell you why...

There is no limits to the amount of pain I will inflict upon you or Syndicate to be rightfully called WWX Undisputed Champion.

So you go and keep doing your "Gym Buddies" thing, whereas I will be taking the top spot of this industry once again and _PROUDLY_ carry it on my back!

[KB then shifts his focus.]

KB: Syndicate... You might not like me, and that's all fine and dandy, but you need to know something crystal clear here.

The fans are what I've given my entire livelihood for, and for you to say that I would trade them for the World Title just disgusts me to no end.

How can a Champion of your caliber make such foolish jokes when you know you're so close to losing the thing you've cherished the most Syndicate? 

Have I really said anything negative about you? I mean, no offense, the whole static thing is played out, but its plain to me that it's gotten you to where you want to be - the Man.

But see, you and I aren't really all that much different Syndicate - your more the ground type fighter whereas I'm the high flier with an attitude that can change landscapes.

Like I've stated already though Syn, I hope thats cool if I call you that since you've called me Krim - I don't mind that bee tee dubs - but you need to know something about me.

I don't play favorites.

I'm in my own genuine league, and _NOBODY_ can take that away from me Syn.

Not You.

Not Cameron.

Not even James Bourne himself!

[KB smiles now.]

KB: This match is right up my alley gentleman...

Its Showtime for me, and when the World Title is up for grabs like it is in our match come Mayhem...

I don't miss.

I always bring my A+ game when it comes down to the nitty gritty, and I will _STOP_ at nothing to reclaim the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship of World Wrestling Xistence!!!!!

[The camera slowly fades to black with KB smiling on.]

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