I've always said ''Miss'' is a strong word...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Fri, Dec29, 2017 10:38pm America/Phoenix
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I've always said ''Miss'' is a strong word...
(Bob Mellon, after a post-holiday vacation with his family in Portland, ME, returns back to Brooklyn, NY, with a well-rested mind and body. Preparing now for his flight Saturday morning to arrive in Corpis Christi, TX, to do battle with Xavier Pendragon. After seeing the previous promo from Xavier Pendragon, his opponent this weekend, Mellon couldn't help but wonder why Xavier needed to point out that he doesn't run from anyone and that Beatrice seemed to scoff at the change from non-title to a title match. The International Champion also saw that Syndicate made mention to completing the task of beating Mellon which irked the champion when seeing it. With that in mind, Mellon signed onto his computer to address the WWX universe, Syndicate, Xavier and Beatrice.)

Mellon: To all my favorite schmucks out there, hello and happy holidays. What am I saying, I could give a crap what your holidays are like. After having a wonderful time away from all of you losers I come back and notice everyone is running their mouth in the usual fashion. Syndicate sits in his ivory tower commenting on the match we had this past weekend. I don't know if you all saw it, but it was clear as day to me, Syndicate was scrambling, running, and adjusting throughout that match. Frankly, the match pushed him, and myself to the limit. Yet he stands there and talks as though he had everything under control... What world are you living in? Is delusion a regular way of life for you? Consider yourself lucky my time is focused elsewhere because I've got your number and I don't think you like it. 

(Mellon shakes his head, aggravated by the arrogance of his previous opponent)

Mellon: Penny and Beatrice now. Penny, I most certainly have been looking forward to this rematch. I also can fully admit again to underestimating you the last time we went toe to toe. I wouldn't say I miss you though. I miss my wife. I miss my kids. I miss playing other sports. However, I don't miss another grown man. I mean, you're not even family. Are you missed by a lot of men in your life? It's ok if you are. I accept you for you. I just didn't miss you. Glad we got that out of the way. Why am I putting the title up for grabs? Let's face it, Holiday Hell will be a joke and frankly even if you do beat me at Ravage it won't make an already disappointing triple threat match any less exciting. Black and Blaze are rarely up for the challenge which is both disheartening and frustrating. So, I get a kick out of putting the title up against actual challenges. People who pose an actual threat. Penny, you are a formidable foe. I won't deny that. My future as the International Champion means nothing to me. What means something to me is performing at a high level with the highest talent that the WWX has to offer. 

(Mellon laughs to himself before shutting it down completely)

Mellon: Now why is Beatrice scoffing at my offered title shot? She seems, wait, it is she, right? Anyway, let's be very clear on this. If you both don't want the title shot or it is beneath you, then by all means, don't let my agenda get in the way. I didn't know lowly little Bob Mellon would be such a bother to Beatrice and her clearly high standards by "OFFERING" an International Title match to her pal Penny. How dare I? I could just see her saying, "PEASANT, GO BACK WHENCE YOU CAME!" Then she would wave a finger and I would be dragged out of your house or apartment or wherever the "HIGH AND MIGHTY" live these days. Beatrice, my deepest apologies for reaching out and suggesting an intriguing concept for your busy counterpart. Remind me to send a signed card... 

(Mellon rolls his eyes and then turns his attention back to Xavier)

Mellon: Penny, of course, I want to beat you in Texas this weekend. I want to pummel you, overwhelm you, and leave you motionless on the mat. I want to leave a mark on you and the WWX that is a reminder that  I am someone to be feared. I fight week in and week out against everything and everyone that the WWX throws at me. I throw myself out there and I offer up the best product we have here. I know it, the fans know it, and most of the folks in the back know it. Consistently I have powered through since returning in August. Sure, I understand I didn't do what I wanted to do when I first came on the scene but now I am controlling the International Division and had my first taste of the World Title division and my confidence continues to grow. Let it be known now, that the lessons I learn are quickly applied to my future encounters.  You are a lesson that was learned. It will now be applied to this weekend. I'm not saying you should be scared. You don't strike me as the scared type. However, I would be a little worried because when you mess with the best, you die like the rest. 

(Mellon signs out and the screen goes black.)

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