Jack the Jobber and Hardcore Who?

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN PRICE
On Thu, Dec07, 2017 5:46am America/Phoenix
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Jack the Jobber and Hardcore Who?
[The camera opens onto Kagome Rose, WWX reporter, entering the Price Family Gym in Houston Texas. They camera follows as she moves past the front desk, acknowledging the front desk crew. She moves through the gym, currently full at mid day. She sights a hallway seemingly leading to the offices and starts that way. As she enters the main offices, she is almost immediately cut off by Penelope Creed, Damian Price's manager.]

Creed: I'm sorry, but Mr. Price is not currently taking any interviews, you'll have to come back.

[Kagome seems taken aback by the forward claim by Creed. She lifts her microphone and begins to speak.]

Rose: As Damian Price's business manager, are you saying that Mr. Price is refusing to comment on the outcome of Ravage last week or his tag match this week?

Creed: No, I'm saying that he is not currently-

[Creed is cut off by a huge slamming sound as a chair comes flying from off screen and slams into the wall to the side and behind of her. The camera pans over to an angry Damian Price stalking over to the entrance, already yelling. Creed covers her face for a moment, seemingly considering trying to call off her charge. Her decision seems ultimately useless as she holds up her hands and backs away as Price approaches.]

Price[yelling]: So this is how we do business now? I walk out on Ravage in the most one sided match in WWX history, with the deck so heavily stacked against me that literally no one except for the members of The Empire were willing to bet on me, in a bid to face a man so far below the caliber of my opponents last week that it's not even funny. But you know what, I was gonna face it like a competitor. I was going to go out there and do the right thing. And as soon as it became apparent that I was going to win, Fozzy decided he had to get involved. And Ranger is more than happy to just stand by and let that happen?! How in the actual f**k can Ranger just stand by and allow HIS Television Champion, the man that is supposed to represent the entire TV division of his company, blatantly cheat?! Oh, and what more, now Willie Steen, a man who I had beat, in the center of the f**king ring, gets to just take a title shot? A title shot for a belt that should rightfully be mine.

[Price looks exasperated. He throws his hands in the air and begins to pace. Kagome Rose takes the pause as a chance to ask a question.]

Rose: Well, Mr. Price. I would say it's pretty clear how you feel about Ravage last week, but do you have any words for your opponents this week, Jack Hammerstone and Hardcore Hughes?

Price: Who?? Did you just make those names up? Did the WWX sign some rookies and now they're feeding them to the sharks? Really?

[Price once again throws his hands up and begins walking back and forth. Creed steps in, possibly in an attempt at damage control.]

Creed: What Mr. Price is trying to say is-

[Again she is cut off by Price yelling as he once again addresses the camera.]

Price[yelling]: What Mr. Price is trying to say is that the nearest hospital should prep 2 beds for these poor unlucky men. Because I am not the guy to f**k with this week. Hughes, Hammerstone, I realize that you've come to WWX  like everyone else, with stars in your eyes and delusions of grandeur, but come Ravage, you will be steamrolled, flattened, and pushed to the side. I realize that Ranger booked you against The Empire because we are specialists at having awe inspiring, crowd wowing matches, but you'll have to wait for another chance to make that impact. Because, come Ravage, you are going to be assaulted and victimized by the Machine, and then you will be torn apart by the Barbarian King of the WWX.

[With that Price grabs another nearby chair, launching it across the room in anger as he walks off camera, once again yelling. Creed steps up to the camera once again.]

Creed: And Mr. Ranger, I don't expect you to believe that this is all done and over. You will be hearing from us. Until then, Long Live the King!

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