Jairus LLB

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On Sun, Aug20, 2017 9:52pm America/Phoenix
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Jairus LLB
*Hex Girl is working in the practice ring with some of the local talent in Busthead, a few are faces from the now defunct backyard fed where she got her start. She is keeping the rounds clean but is being totally brutal. Her opponent notices the camera and stops working pointing out the crew's presence to Hex Girl. She turns around, slides out of the ring and approaches the camera. She is very keyed up and on edge as she starts to speak.*

Luke Jairus you are one lucky little bitch. An interference saved your ass last week but it robbed the fans. The fans paid to see you and me get in the ring. That's not what they got. What they got is some half-baked attack by Tom Black and you getting saved by a fan who has more balls than you. You could have had security escort Tom Black backstage, your fan could have returned to his seat and we could have had our match. But, no, you had your fan escort you backstage and you hid. 

*She moves closer to the camera.*

During my time here in the WWX. I've had a lot of things happen. I have had my shoulder intentionally dislocated by an opponent during a match, popped it back into place, proceeded to beat the shit out of the bitch that dislocated my shoulder and win the match. Learn to be professional. You have a long way to go rookie with a lot of lessons to learn and it looks like I'm gonna be your professor for your first very hard and painful lesson. 

*She stops for a moment, takes a breath and considers her next words.*

Now, Jairus if you have a problem with me calling you 'rookie'. There is one and only one solution to that little issue. You are gonna have to come down to that ring in San Diego and shut me up. Can you do it? Do you have the balls? Or are you just a gelding? 

*She stares intently into the camera for a moment before turning her back and returning to the practice ring. The camera backs away from the scene as it fades out.*

[cuts to Hex Girl's logo before fading to WWX logo]

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