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And so the Game begins, as James "The Gamer" Chevalier makes his presence known to both Aaron Reiko and Amos. Nothing personal, it's just how the Game is played.

31 August, 2019
Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport
Rome, Italy

The touchdown of the aircraft jostled James awake, as he is now setting foot on his third continent in less than a week. It all started in Tokyo, where James was about to wrestle when he got the call. The call, as in, a call back to the United States for an opportunity to wrestle in World Wrestling eXistence. How could James say no to that? Especially after how close he got before...

As soon as the contract was signed, verified, and notarized, James found himself in Arizona on only six hours notice before appearing on RAVAGE to lay into Amos and Aaron Reiko. Now he finds himself in Rome two days later in a match with Aaron Reiko and some psycho that calls herself Crazy Jenna. I guess if the shoe fits...

James reaches for his pocket to ensure that he still has his passport, before he stretches in his Business Class seat. He gets to his feet and retrieves his items from the overhead bin, which consists of a single black gym bag with an embroidered katana and red kanji on the side. He disembarks the plane. Next was luggage, then Customs. Boring, tedious, but becoming more and more old hat as the years roll along.

James actually had a thought about how Crazy Jenna could even make it through an international customs check, never mind actually ALLOWING this chick to even leave the country. Maybe she has people for these things. Either that, or WWX has a syndicate of coyotes worldwide who can smuggle their convicted felon wrestlers to and from international shows. 

Though to be fair, Aaron Reiko doesn't seem to be much in the way of sanity, either. But at least his insanity is a bit more cliche than Crazy Jenna's. Either way, this match of insanity had James thinking of where he fit in. Was this to be a game of insanity? Was Cousin Logan secretly behind all of this?

Fortunately, that particular paranoia left as soon as it came. After all, Logan was NEVER going to leave that promotion. Nobody else would ever consider putting up with his bullshit. The thought was lost as he continued his process into Italy, instead focusing on his upcoming opponents.

First up was Crazy Jenna. Assuming she can even travel internationally and could make this match, is easily the most dangerous opponent in the ring for James. Sure, she's not physically imposive, but she is unpredictable and seems like the type who would be willing to put themselves through Hell in order to make her opponents feel slightly worse off for the experience. And there's also the whole idea of fighting a woman, which I am NOT crazy about.

Of course, to say that Aaron Reiko wouldn't flip his shit if things didn't go the way of the alleged Divine One is a lie. He could just as easily slip into cruel desperation should things REALLY not go his way. It was difficult to get into the minds of these two psychopaths. To come up with any strategy was just hopeless.

This match was a total nightmare.

James finally cleared customs and made his approach to leave the terminal, when he spots a driver holding a sign bearing his name in English. James made his approach and outstretched his hand to greet the driver. The driver says in a heavily accented English...

Driver: You are James Chevalier?

James: I am.

The driver grabs the bag off of James' shoulder, ignoring the handshake as he says...

Driver: Benvenuto in Italia. Please come this way...

James followed the driver, who took me to a car that he'd never seen the make of before. He thinks it said Alfa-Romeo, but he thought only preppies drove Alfa-Romeos. After the driver opened the door for James to get into the car, he put the bag into the trunk of the car before he assumed the driver's position and pulled away from the airport.

James pulled out his cellphone out and called Sammy D, his long-time manager and trainer, though they were still rebuilding their relationship after a falling out ensued before my injury shelved James for 2 years. Regardless of the past, James did promise to call him when he landed. 

The call finally went through, though James was certain that neither of them were on an international plan. Five rings in and he gets the gruff voice that 45 years and about 2 packs a day produces, as Sam says...

Sam: I take it you made it to Rome?

James: I did. We need to make this quick. This call is probably costing one of us a fortune.

Sam: Don't you have an international plan?

James: No. I dropped it when I left Japan.

Sam: Dummy. Well, when you get back, we're going to make some adjustments to your communications plan.

James: Maybe. Is that all?

Sam: Anna wants to see you when she gets back. Wants to talk about the divorce...

James: When I get the time, I'll file the paperwork. Not like I'm in Portland all the time.

Sam: She met someone else.

James: Good for her. I meet people everyday. So what?

Sam: She wants to marry this guy. They've been together for a year and a half.

James: Meanwhile, she drags her feet to marry me, only to turn on me when I make it big so she can wheedle money out of me, that |BLEEP|!

Sam: That's not called for! 

James: And |BLEEP| you for defending that bitch over and over again! You know what? I'll call you when I'm on my way back.

James hung up the phone and stuffed it into his bag. Not even two minutes later, the car pulls up in front of some really impressive architecture and stops. The driver opens the door and extends his hand to assist him out of the car. James gets out on his own, and the driver is quick to retrieve the bag from his trunk. A bellhop approaches James, who is met with a bag from the driver. The driver once again offers his hand, to which James shakes, leaving a 5 Euro bill in the drivers hand.

No sooner did he enter the lobby, James was mobbed by photographers, reporters, and fans all intent on following his return to professional wrestling after a severe injury. Prior to the injury, he had gained a reputation as a Giant Killer and underdog that proved especially popular with kids and teenagers. James had figured that someone else would've probably been latched on to by now. Two years is a long time, though in this case, it was two years too many. 

As James walked through the lobby, streams and flashes of light surrounded him, as reporters ask questions in a handful of languages. Yet another reason why James was popular. The international appeal. And his language skills didn't hurt either. Not bad for a guy who didn't go to college.

James largely ignored the reporters as they talked over each other, and checked into his room. Upon finishing his check in, the press continued their wait, as a question in heavily accented English comes ringing out over the crowd. A question that James felt compelled to answer.

Reporter 1: What are you doing in the WWX?

James: I'm in the WWX to wrestle. What? You think I'm not good enough to wrestle at the top level? Is that what you're trying to say?

Reporter 2: There are concerns about your previous injury.

James: And they've been addressed over the last several months in Mexico and Japan. Something tells me if the WWX had concerns, they wouldn't have offered me a contract, period.

Reporter 3: What about this upcoming match? A threeway match of two conflicting styles in comparison to your own. 

James: I'm not even going to try and figure out what each one wants to do. My whole goal out there is to be as unpredictable as I'm going to assume that they're going to be. Being as this is my first match, I do have a certain advantage going in regarding that.

I'm not going to make it a secret that I'm not thrilled at the aspect of facing a woman in the ring. On that note, if Crazy Jenna wants to get in my way, I won't hesitate to knock her out of the game if I feel she's a worthy enough threat.

As for Reiko, he's probably going to be the easiest to predict. He's got a size advantage, and he'll want to try and use it to wear myself or Crazy Jenna down. I'm not going to let him get such an opportunity in this match.

Overall, the game looks rigged against myself, but not really. These two would eat each other's children to get any advantage they can, so I can only imagine what their teamwork will look like. Piss-poor for those not quick on the uptake. Yeah, I like my chances going into this game.

Aaron Reiko, Crazy Jenna, I guess there's only one thing left to say to you two...



At that point, The Gamer walks away from the press, as he thinks about the bed that will be greeting him when he gets to his room.

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