James Ranger Announces AfterShock/Crusade Cup!

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On Sat, Dec30, 2017 11:16am America/Phoenix
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James Ranger Announces AfterShock/Crusade Cup!
The 2018 Edition of Crusade Cup continues the tradition of who is the best wrestler in the company, the winner of the Crusade Cup, earns a WWX Undisputed championship titleshot, to which will headline the main event at the next PPV, Armada on March 17th,2018.

This year's edition is also the first to be open to the public, allowing for a great variety of wrestlers from different federations to compete in the tournament. The rules/guidelines are as followed:

1.Signing and competing in World Wrestling Xistence first. In order to be apart of the Crusade Cup, you must have an active contract with WWX.

2. Your character profile must be fully filled out, to include your accomplishments in other feds or which fed are you representing.

3. Understanding the rules and guidelines posted in WWX. Failure to follow to those guidelines will result in disqualification from the tournament. 

4. Reading each Ravage card posted on the site and understanding that it is up to you to compete before deadline is reached.

5. Creative Clause is tied to your character(s) and your character(s) only. If you use someone else's character without permission in any way, you are disqualified and will no longer be booked. If you seek to gain traction in the tournament in a way to that is acceptable, speak to admin (davismamba87@gmail.com)

6. Because we are a hybrid fed, you are judged by both your promos and your strategies sent to me. Only doing one or the other will contribute to your loss in the match. Even those originally belonging to WWX will be effected as they are used to the way things are done in WWX.

7. Upon winning the Crusade Cup, the wrestler will be booked into the next forseeable two months. Considering we are on a weekly schedule, be sure you are able to maintain throughout each week. 

If you have any questions, reach me via email @ davismamba87@gmail.com


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