Jarvis Debut

Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Mon, Dec11, 2017 12:56pm America/Phoenix
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Jarvis Debut
The day is early as the sun just broke the horizon sending beams of light through the gaps of the sky scrapers Of Dallas Texas.  I-35 north and south bound is bumper to bumper traffic as you see break lights flicker on all the cars going north and almost a constant white light heading south.  

Car horns can be heard at a steady rate now as the flicker of the break lights become more of a solid beam of red light.  Static can be heard faintly as the static changes pitches while the volume raises gradually. Suddenly the static is replaced with the legendary voice of George Dunham from radio station KTCK 96.7 the Ticket and the show, The Musers.

The camera starts to pan downward as it also starts to lower.

GD: Coming up next we have Jarvis Valentine on the line with us. He is the head writer in Lincoln Nebraska covering Husker sports. But the main reason we have him on today is because next week he will be coming to Dallas to make his debut in WWX...

By this time we are now caught up to an older white Honda Accord panning through the back window. We see a young man no older then twenty-one. Sitting with one arm out the window and the other on the steering wheel with a ciggerett, he leans over and turns up the radio...

GD: Good morning Mr. Valentine, thanks for joining us today. How is the weather in Nebraska?

JV: Weather is excellent considering we are covered in Frost!

GD: Yes congrats on the hire of Scott Frost.

JV: Nebraska has been lacking the passion, heart, and drive for the past twenty years. But I'm telling you George, ever since we hired Scott Nebraskans have seemed to become more friendly to one another. Its a pretty exciting time to be a Husker.

GD: It seems to have been a great hire as he was just voted the National coach of the Year.

JV: Yes sir. Should go a long ways in recruiting top talent and making Nebraska a top program for a long time to come.

GD: Now your story is very interesting. Not only do you cover Husker sports every day, but you wrestle....and that in itself is a rough schedule.

JV: Yes sir it is, but both Huskers and wrestling flow through my blood. I grew up here in Nebraska in a town called Aurora. Every saturday you bet your butt I was planted in front of the tv watching the game. Then through high school I became very interested in the sport of wrestling. So I'm grateful that I am able to do both. It's a very rewarding time right now.

The young man in the car slouches down in his seat as he is still at a stop.

GD: Next week you are making your debut match in WWX. It shows here on this paper that Euan Milton versus Jarvis Williams...wait...

JV: (chuckling) Well you know when your the new guy, they don't get your name right on the card. But yea, I'm not sure about this guy I am facing, but I am excited to be stepping in the ring again. I haven't been in a ring for over three years now. I took a break to focus on Husker sports. I now feel the time is right to start my wrestling career again. 

GD: How long have you been wrestling for?

JV: I started training when i was in middle school when i started wrestling. I started taking bumps and learning the ropes in my freshman year. There was a school in Omaha where I would drive three hours round trip every other day to train. Right after I graduated I moved to Omaha where I started training every day. Through the years I have worked for many different promotion, but I have to say I'm super excited to be in WWX. They seem to have a lot of talent and a stable base. It will be interesting to see how things turn out.

The traffic has now started to crawl once again. The young guy tosses his smoke out of the window and reaches down to get his coffee before taking a sip. 

GD: Speaking about the future, what is your main goal in WWX?

JV: I have never held the main championship in any promotion I have worked for, so that is my focus. I know it will take a lot of hard work to get there but I know that at some point I will be there. But first I have to take one match at a time so I am just focusing on Euan. Like I said before, I don't know a lot about him. I have heard he has been around for while, and that he should be a good match up for me. For me I have to impress everyone around me if I want to get my name out there and noticed. I also know one of my goals is to shut up those ignorant loud mouths in WWX. I feel everyone should be created equal and when you see guys and gals go to the ring or talk and be rude and treat fans bad...it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Just like the Huskers...if we lose a game we stand up and applaud the team as they leave. That's the Husker way.

GD: It's been a pleasure Mr. Valentine. I wish you luck in your match and always, love reading your stuff online. 

JV: Hey, thanks for having me. It was fun. And a reminder to the fans if WWX. If you would like to meet me even before my debut night and get a autograph I will be in the lobby at the arena tomorrow, from two to four. Hope to see a lot of you out there! And again George, thanks for having me on today! 

GD: There you have Jarvis Valentine of WWX and on.....

The voice starts to fade as  the camera starts to pan back from the car and back into the air as you can see the lines of traffic again but is starting to move faster as the scene fades to black.

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