Jay Ryder is Here!

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On Sun, Jun25, 2017 11:27am America/Phoenix
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Jay Ryder is Here!
( Dangerzone booms out of the PA system as Jay Ryder walks onto the stage, he is carrying a set of dumbbells, he chucks one over his head sending it flying. He then tosses the other behind him as he is running down the ramp. He slides into the ring, he runs to the turnbuckle and jumps on it he lifts his fists in the air repeatedly he jumps down.... He stands in he middle of the ring and gets passed a microphone)

Jay Ryder: Hello ladies and gents... I am Jay Ryder... I have signed a contract with the owners of WWX.

(The fans cheer).

Jay Ryder: Yeah I know I know.... You all are very excited to watch me wrestle here.... I have done this for all of your entertainment.

(We love Ryder the fans are chanting).

Jay Ryder: (Laughs) Thank you, Thank you. I can't wait to get in the ring. I used to be a marine you know. Yeah on a boat and saving the country and all that. It was fun yeah until I me and my boss got into an argument. So I left and I met the owner in a shop he was talking to his colleague and said he wanted someone new in the roster... I walked right up to him and said.  Hey I am looking for a new job and this one sounds perfect for me and he said ok meet me at my office tomorrow and handed me a card. So the next day I went over and I signed the contract. I am going to make my debut soon.

(The crowd cheer. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Jay Ryder: And I will see you later!

( He sprints off and high fives the people on the front row).

(The crowd cheer once more, Jay Ryder... Jay Ryder. The camera then fades slowly into black).


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