Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Sun, Sep24, 2017 12:42pm America/Phoenix
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(Guerrilla Radio hits the PA System)

(Blue and white lights flicker through the arena as the crowd raises to its feet. Mellon blasts through the curtain as fireworks go off across the top platform. Mellon walks to the ring determined and focus. He enters the ring signals for a microphone. The music halts and the lights come full in the house)

Mellon: Jester, let us get one thing straight. I'm not here to listen to your garbage and watch you run your pathetic mouth about non sense neither me nor these fans care to hear. My past is my past. Fifteen years ago I did things that have no bearing on today. I would never presume to ride that wave. My backwards hat, my legend, whatever you think is worth mentioning means nothing. I'm nothing more than a man working his way back up. However, I will have you know one thing.... after this World Series PPV is done, you and I are going one on one. No distractions. Just you and me in the squared circle. I'm not here to win titles or fulfill some sad void in my life. I'm here to destroy. I'm here to tear down. And now I'm here to bring you and your disappointing existence to an end. 

(Crowd gets on their feet shouting and screaming. It's pandemonium in the arena)

Mellon: What will be will be during Word Series. This place is different. I get it.  I'm the man coming back from nothing. I'm the one that has to reestablish himself. I've built myself up from nothing before  and I will do it again. Jester, you can curse, resort to whatever attitude era approach you think is "cool" or resort to some pedestrian form of verbal abuse to make yourself  feel better. At the end of he day only one thing will matter. You what that is? How you stand up one on one in the ring with me. So get a good night's sleep and rest up. You'll need it, I'm sure. Know that the pain is coming and it's only starting at World Series. Make sure you understand my words clearly, I plan on ripping you apart. I will hunt you. I will find you and when it's all said and done, I will erase you. Why? Because when you mess with the best.... (the crowd finishes the line:  you die like the rest!)

(Guerrilla Radio hits the PA System)

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